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Full text of "Supplementary catalogue of books belonging to the library of Friends of Philadelphia, from 1853 to 1873"

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\V. H. P 1 L K. V \l 1 X T E i: 




Abbot, G. D. Mexico and the United States. O. 1496 

Abbott, Jacob. American History, 8 vols. D. 2315 

(1) Aboriginal America, 
2 Discovery of America, 
The Southern Colonies, 
4 The Northern Colonies, 

Florence Stories, 

5 Wars of the Colonies, 
i 6) Revolt of the Colonies, 
7 War of the Revolution, 
v Washington. 

(1) Florence and John, 

(2) Grimkie, 

(3) Orkney Islands, 

6 vols. 

1 English Channel, 

(5) Isle of Wight, 

(6) Florence's Return. 

D. 2283 

Franconia Stories, 

Ellen Linn, D. 1883 Caroline, 

Stuyvesant, D. 1911 Agnes, 

Gentle Measures in the Management and 

of the Young. 

Harper's Story Books, 12 vols. 

Harper's Story Books, 

American History, 
Ancient " 


English History, 

D. 2118 
D. 2039 
D. 2030 
D. 2154 
I). 2155 
D. 2117 
D. 2032 

Harper Establishment, D. 2028 

John True, 
Little Louvre, 
Strait Gate, 

Timboo and Fanny, 
" JolibaV 

History of Alexander the Great. 

" Cyrus the Great. 

" Genghis Khan. 

" King Richard I. 

King Richard 11. 

King Richard III. 

" Margaret of Anjou. 


Peter the Great. 

M Pyrrhus. 

John Gay; or, Work for Boys, 4 vols. 

1 Winter, (3) Summer, 

ring, (4) Autumn. 

D. 1972 
D. 1973 

D. 2800 
D. 2425 

D. 2138 
D. 2033 
D. 2153 
D. 2> 
D. 2034 
I K 2031 
D. 2036 
I). 2035 

D. 2376 
D. 2378 

D. 2316 
D. 2186 
D. 2186 
I). 2186 
D. 2372 
D. 1886 
P. 2311 
D. 1969 
D. 2501 


Abbott, Jacob. Learning about Common Things. D. 2172 

Learning about Eight and Wrong. D. 2187 

Learning to Read. D. 2122 

Learning to Talk. D. 2040 

Learning to Think. D. 2137 

Mary Gay ; or, Work for Girls. 4 vols. D. 2551 

(1) Winter, (3) Summer, 

( 2 ) Spring, (4) Autumn. 

Bainbow and Lucky Stories, 5 vols. D. 2228 

(1) Handie, (3) Three Pines, 

(2) Rainbow's Journey , s (4) Selling Lucky, 

(5) Up the River. 

Eollo and Lucy Poetry, 3 vols. D. 2480 

" on the Atlantic. D. 1936 

" in Paris. D. 1948 

" in Switzerland. D. 1971 

" in London. D. 1986 

" on the Bhine. D. 2013 

" in Scotland. D. 2038 

" in Geneva. D. 2195 

« in Holland. D. 2208 

" in Eorae. D. 2231 

Science for the Young, 4 vols. D. 2756 

(1) Heat, (3) Water and Land, 

(2) Light, (4) Force. 

Abbott, John S. C. History of Henry IV. of 

France. D. 2374 

History of Hernando Cortez. D. 2147 

" Hortense. D. 2720 

" King Philip. ' D. 2199 

Miles Standish, the Puritan Captain. D. 2793 

Eomance of Spanish History. D. 2696 

A'Becket, (See Becket.) 

Abyssinia. Parkyns, M. Life in, 2 vols. D. 1964-5 
Acoustics. Eadan, E, Wonders of. D. 2672 
Across the Continent. S. Bowles. D. 2556 
Acts of the Apostles. JSTorris, J. P. Key to. D. 2768 
Adams, Chas. Life of Oliver Cromwell. D. 2639 
Adams, Chas. F. Life of John Adams, 2 vols. D. 2746 
Adams, Jr., Chas. F. A Chapter of Erie. D. 2529 
Adams, Charlotte. The Errand Boy. D. 2482 
Adams, H. G. Life and Adventures of Dr. Liv- 
ingstone in South Africa, I). 2788 


Adams, H. (x. The Weaver Boy who became a 

Missionary, (David Livingstone.) D. 2622 

Adams, John. His Life, by C. F. Adams, 2 vols* D. 2746 
Adams, N. Voyage Around the World. D. 2773 

Adams, W. H. D. Buried Cities of Campania; 

Pompeii and Herculaneum. D. 2744 

Queen of the Adriatic ; or, Venice, Past 

and Present, D. 2698 

The Valley of the Nile. D. 2612 

Adirondack*. Murray, W. H. H. Camp Life in. D. 2670 
Africa. Adams, H. G. Livingstone's Life and 

Adventures in. D. 2788 

Adams, W. H. D. Valley of the Kile. D. 2612 

Andersson, C. J. Lake Ngami. D. 2161 

" u Okavango River. O. 1385 

Baker, S. W/ Albert Nyanza, great basin 

of the Nile. 0.1464 

Baker, S. W. Nile Tributaries of Abys- 

sinia. O. 1474 

Barth, H. Travels in North and Central 

Africa in 1849-1855, 5 vols. O. 1337 

Burton, R. F. Lake Regions of Central 

Africa. O. 1376 

Campbell, R. Travels among the Egbas 

and Yorubas of Central A. * D. 2365 

Crummell, A. Future of. D. 2406 

Du Chaillu, P. B. Ashango Land. O. 1470 

" " Explorations in Equa- 
torial A. O. 1383 

Groat, L. Zulu-land. D. 2532 

Krapf, J. L. Eighteen years residence in 

Eastern A. D. 2318 

Lindley, A. After Ophir. O. 1518 

Livingstone, D. Discoveries in. O. 1344, 1345 

" Travels in South A. 1). 2724 

' ; I), and C. Expedition to tho 

Zambezi, 1858-64. O. 1461 

Scott, A. M. Day Dawn in. D. 2383 

Speke, J. H. Discovery of the Source of 

the Nile. O. 1420, 1430 

Stanley, H. M. How 1 Found Livingstone. O. 1553 

Taylor, Bayard. Journey to Central A. D. 1968 

Thomas, 0. W. Adventures on the Wot 

Coast. D. 2312 



Africa. Wilson, J. L. Western Africa ; its His- 
tory, &c. D. 2168 
African Kingdom and Peoples. D. 2338 
After Icebergs with a Painter. L. L. Noble. D. 2368 
After Ophir." A. Lindley. O. 1518 
Agassiz, Eliz. C. and Alex. Seaside Studies in 

Natural History. O. 1456 
Agassiz, Louis. Geological Sketches. D. 2574 
■ Journey in Brazil. O. 1475 

Methods of Study in Natural History. D. 2457 

and A. A. Gould. Principles of Zoology. 

Part 1st, Comparative Physiology. D. 2160 

Agnes. J. Abbott. D. 1973 
Agriculture. Wells, D. A. Year Book for 1855 

and 1856. O. 1296 

Aim's Introductory to the French Language. D. 2267 

Aimwell Stories. W. Simonds, 6 vols. D. 2474 

Air. Griscom, J. H. Uses and Abuses of. D. 1950 

Alaska. Whymper, F. Travels in. O. 1489 
Albert Nyanza, great basin of the Nile. S. W. 

Baker. O. 1464 
Albert, Prince Consort of England. Queen Vic- 
toria's Memoirs of. D. 2626 
Alcock, E. The Capital of the Tycoon ; a three 

year's residence in Japan, 2 vols. D. 2450 

Alden, Jos. National Speaker. 1). 2706 

Alexander the Great. Abbott, J. History of. D. 2376 

Alexander, W. Christian Discipline. D. 1908 

Alexander, W. L. Iona, the Druids' Isle. D. 2061 

Alfabeto Christiano. J. De Valdes. O. 1402 

Alison, A. History of Europe, 2nd series, 3 vols. O. 1309 
Allen, John. State Churches and the Kingdom 

of Christ, O. 1266 

Allen, E, L. New American Farm Book. D. 2695 

Allibone, S. A. Dictionary of Authors, 3 vols. O. 1361 

Allinson, Wm. J. Memorials of Eebecca Jones. D. 2674 

Almanac, American, for 1854. D. 1922 

« for 1855. * D. 1978 

" for 1856. D. 2114 

" for 1857. D. 2178 

" for 1858. D. 2211 

" for 1859. D. 2232 

" for 1860-61. D. 2303 

Moral, from 1838 to 1865. D. 2541 


Almanac. [National and Annual .Record, 1863-64. D. 2432 
Alps. Johnson, A. C. Cottages of, D. 2324 
Tyndall, J. Glaciers of, D. 2325 

" " Hours of Exercise in, D. 2766 

Althans, H. Scripture Natural History, 2 vols. D. 2042 
Amazon. Herndon, W. L. and L. Gibbon. Ex- 
ploration of the Valley of, 3 vols. ■ O. 1254 

3Iaury, M. F. The A. and Atlantic Slopes 

of South America. O. 1234 

America. Baldwin, J. D. Ancient A. D. 2802 

Baxley, H. W. What I saw on the West 

Coast. O. 1453 

Bell W. A. New Tracks in North A. O. 1539 

Bishop, N. H. Thousand miles walk 

across S. A. D. 2668 

Bowles, S. The Switzerland of A. D. 2523 

De Costa, B. F. Discovery of A. by the 

Northmen. O. 1484 

Helps, A. The Spanish Conquest of, 2 

vols. D. 2167 

Historical Magazine of, vol. 5. O. 1401 

— Mackey, C. Life and Liberty in, O. 2258 

Maury, M. F. The Amazon and Atlantic- 

Slopes of South A. O. 1234 

Morford, H. Skeleton Tours for Travel- 

lers. ' 1). 2727 

Paez, K. Wild Scenes in South America. D. 2433 

Parton, J. Famous Americans of Eecent 

Times. O. lo29 

Peto, S. 31. iiesources and Prospects of D, 2573 

Pumpelly, E. Across A. and Asia. O. 1497 

Taylor, B. (ed.) Travels ip S. A. 1 >. 279 1 

Trollope, A. North America. D. 2 

America before Europe. A. De Grasparin. D. 2434 

American Annual Cyclopedia for 1861. O. 1404 

American History. J. Abbott. 1>. 2118 

» 8 vols. D. 2315 

American .Merchants. Hunt. P. Lives of, 2 vols, O. 1304 
American .Miscellany. F. < J. Woodworth, 6 vols. I>. 2017 
American Pharmaceutical Association. Proceed- 
ings at tin- Annual Sleeting in 1857. O, 1342 

Same for 1858. O. I 

American Revolution. Personal Recollections 

from a Private Journal. l>. - 


American Travel. Appleton's Hand-book of North- 
ern and Eastern Tours. D. 2748 

Amherst College. Hitchcock, E. Keminiscences 

of, D. 2511 

Amoor Elver. Atkinson, T. W. Travels in the 

Regions of, O. 1378 

Collins, P. McD. Voyage Down, D. 2314 

Ancient Cities and Empires. E. H. Gillett, D. 2631 
Ancient Cities of the World. T. A. Buckley. D. 2735 
Ancient States and Empires. J. Lord. D. 2686 
Anderson, Mary E. Scenes in the Hawaiian Is- 
lands and California. D. 2535 

Andersson, C. J. Lake Xgami; or, Four Years 

Wanderings in South-western Africa. D. 2161 

The Okavango River. O. 1385 

Andes and the Amazon. J. Orton. D. 2721 

Andes Mt. Holton, J. F. Twenty Months in, O. 1324 

Andrews, H. P. Six Steps to Honor. D. 2387 
Andrews, Israel D. Eeport on the Colonial and 

Lake Trade, 1852. O. 1225 

Anecdotes for the Fireside. D. Smith. D. 2096 

for the Ladies. D. Smith. D. 2097 

for the Young. " " D. 2095 

Moral and Religious. " 2 vols. D. 2098, 2099 

Religious. G. D. Chenoweth. D. 2105 

Animalcule, The. D. 2080 
Animals. Children's Picture Book of the Sagacity 

of, D. 2405 
— Menault, E. Intelligence of, D. 2672 

Wood, J. G. Sketches and Anecdotes, 

1st series. D. 2173 

Same, 2nd series. I). 2176 

Wood, J. G. Strange Dwellings, D. 2812 

" " Traits and Characteristics, 

2nd series. D. 2355 
Animal World. Tomlinson, C. and S. Lessons 

from, 1st and 2nd series. D. 2602, 2603 

Annual of Scientific Discovery for 1853. D. 1884 

" " for 1854. D. 1941 

" " for 1855. D. 1979 

" " for 1856. D. 2130 

" " for 1857. D. 2185 

for 1858. D. 2217 

" for 1859. D. 2237 


Annual of Scientific Discevery from 1860 to 1871. D. 2300 
Ansted. David T. The Great Stone Book of Na- 
ture. D. 2456 

and others. Natural History of the In- 

animate Creation. O. 1323, 1377 
Anstie, Francis E. [Notes on Epidemi- D. 2778 
Ant and Spider. D. 2077 
Anthon. Chas. Classical Dictionary. O. 1513 
Dictionary of Greek and Eoman Antiqui- 
ties. O. 1535 
Antiseptic System. A. E. Sansom. O. 153 s 
Apgar, E. A. See Sypher, J. E. 
Appleton's Cyclopedia of Biographv. Francis L. 

Hawks. D. 1312, 1351 

Aquarium. P. H. Gosse. D. 2008 

Arabia. Palgrave, W. G. A Year's Travels in, D. 2624 
Arago, Francois. Biographies of Distinguished 

Scientific Men, 1st series. D. 2238 

Same, 2nd series. D. 2239 

Araucanians. Smith, E. R. D. 2418 

Architecture. Lefevre, M. AYonders of, D. 2 * ; 7 Li 

Arctic Eegions. Hall. C. F. Researches in, 1860-2 0.144!) 

Hartwig, G. ' The Polar World. O. 1500 

Hayes, I. I. Boat Journey in, 1854 D. 2 

" " Open Polar Sea. O. 1 

Kane. E. K. Explorations in, 1853-5. 2 

vols. O. 1319, 1320 

McClintock, F. L. Voyage of the Fox. 

D. 2202, 2304 

Osborn, S. Journal of, D. 1031 

Travels in, D. 2054 

Voyages, 2 vols. J). 2055 

Argentine Confederation. Page. T. J. La Plata, 

the A. C. and Paraguay. O. 1363 
Argentine Republic. Sarmiento, I>. F. Life 

there during the days of the tyrants. D. 2 

Argyll, Duke of. Primeval Man. D. 2704 

The Reign of Law. D. 2 

Arizona and Sonora. 8. Mowry. D, i 

Armenia. R. Carzon. - 1). 1967 

Armisted, Wilson. Select Miscellanies, illustra- 
tive of History, Christian Principles, 

and Sufferings of the Society of Friends, 

6 vols. D. 1882 


Armour, Jas. Power in Motion. D. 2759 
Armstrong, Edw. Memoirs of the Historical So- 
ciety of Pennsylvania, vol. 1. O. 1450 

The Penn and Logan Correspondence, 

with Notes by Deborah Logan, 2 vols. O. 1506 
Armstrong, G. D. History of the ravages of the 

Yellow Fever in Norfolk, Va., in 1855. D. 2149 
Arnold, Isaac N. History of Abraham Lincoln 

and the overthrow of Slavery. O. 1468 
Art, Lardner, D. Museum of Science and A., 6 

vols. D. 2132 
Art and Industry in the Crystal Palace, X. Y.. 

1853-4. H. Greeley. D. 1917 
Art of doing our Best. H. Caldwell. 1). 2356 
Arthur Merton. C. E. Kelly. D, 2550 
Arthur, T. S. See Carpenter, W. H. 
Arthur, W. An Etymological Dictionary of Fam- 
ily and Christian Names. D. 2164 
Arthur, Wm. Life of Samuel Budgett, D. 2733 
Arvine, K. Cyclopedia of Anecdotes. O. 1247 
Ashango Land. Du Chaillu, P. B. A Journey in, O. 1470 
Asia. Pumpelly, E. Across America and A. O. 1497 

Train, G. F. An American Merchant in, D. 2191 

Travels in South-eastern Asia. D. 2065 

Travels in South-western Asia. D. 2064 

Vambery, A. Sketches in Central A. O. 1493 

" " Travels in Central A. 0.1452 

Asia Minor. Freese. J. E. The Old World. D. 2653 

Astronomy. Mitchell. O. M. The A. of the Bible. P. 2590 

" " The Planetary and 

Stellar Worlds. D. 2591 

Olmsted, 1). Introduction to, O. 1340 

At Home and Abroad. B. Taylor. D. 2273 

Same. 2nd series. D. 2398 

Atkinson, J. C. Play Hours and Half Holidays. D. 2367 

Sketches in Natural History. 1). 2357 

Walks, Talks, Travels and Exploits of two 

Schoolboys. D. 2278 
Atkinson, Thos. W. Seven Year's Explorations 

in Oriental and Western Siberia. O. 1347, 1348 

Travels in the Eegions of the Amoor 

Eiver. O. 1378 

Atlantic Telegraph. Field, H. M. History of, D. 2575 

t Last. C. Kingsley. D. 2779 




















Audubon, John J. Life of, 

The Birds of America, 7 vols. 

and J. Bachman. The Quadrupeds of 

North America, 3 vols. 
Audubon, the Naturalist. H. St. John. 
Aunt Upton. 
Australia. Sidney, S. The Three Colonies of. 

Train. G. F. An American Merchant in, 

Autobiographical Narrations of Samuel Crisp, 

Eliz. Webb, Evan Bevan, and Fred. 
Away in the Wilderness. R. M. Ballantyne. 

Babylon. Layard, A. H. Discoveries anions the 

Ruins of, O. 1224 

Bachman, J. See Audubon, J. J. 

Bacon, F., Lord Verulam. Dixon. W. H. His- 
tory of D. 2484 

Baillie, John. Life Studies; or, How to Live. D. 2214 

Baily, Wm. L. Birds of the United Stal D. 2 

Baird, Henry M. Modern Greece ; a Narrative 
of a residence and travels in that coun- 
try. D. 2175 

Baker, Samuel W. Eight Years in Ceylon. D. 2G87 

Rifle and Hound in Ceylon. D. 2GG9 

The Albert Nyanza, Great Basin of the 

Nile. O. 1464 

The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia. O. 1474 

Bakewell, Fred. C. Great Facts ; a history and 

description of remarkable inventions 
during the present century. D. 2290 

Baldwin, John D. Ancient America. I>. 2 

Pre-historic Nations. 1>. 2 

Baldwin, T. and J. Thomas. Gazetteer of the 

Tinted Stat- O. 1251 

Balfour, John H. Plants of the Bible. D. 2 
Ball, T. F. See Beck, W. 

Ballantyne, R. M. Away in the Wilderness l>. 2516 
Chasing the Sun. I>. l\">1^ 

Fast in the I- tf. I >. l_M 1 7 

Fighting the Whales. D. 2515 

Hudson's Bay; or, Bvery-day Kite in the 

Wilds of North America. " D. \ 

Man on the Ocean D. 2 


Balloon Ascents. F. Marion. J). 2672 

Balloon Travels of Eobt. Merry and his Young 

Friends. S. G. Goodrich. D. 2135 

Barclay, J. T. City of the Great King ; or, Je- 
rusalem as it Was, Is, and is to Be. O. 1346 

Barclay, Eobt. Apology for the True Christian 

Divinity. Q. 183 

Barker, Lady. Station Life in New Zealand. D. 2757 

Barth, Henry. Travels and Discoveries in North 

and Central Africa in 1849-1855, 5 vols. O. 1337 

Bartlett, J. E. Explorations in Texas, vols. 1 

and 2. O. 1269, 1270 

Bartlett, W. H. Jerusalem Eevisited. O. 1424 

Pictures from Sicily. O. 1425 

The Pilgrim Fathers. O. 1427 

Bashan and its Giant Cities. J. L. Porter. D. 2539 

Bateman J. Life of Daniel Wilson. O. 1372 

Bausman, Benj. Sinai and Zion. D. 2361 
Baxley, H. W. What I saw on the West Coast 

of N. and S. America. O. 1453 
Bayne, Peter. Essays in Biograpy and Criticism, 

2 vols. D. 2230 

Life and Letters of Hugh Miller. D. 2780 

^ Beale, Lionel S. How to work the Microscope. O. 1550 

Beard, Geo. M. Eating and Drinking. D. 2771 
Beaver and his Works. L. H. Morgan. O. 1476 
y Beck, W. and T. F. Ball. The Eise of Friends in 
* London. O. 1503 
Becket, Thomas A. His Life. By H. H. Mil- 
man. D. 2414 
Beecher, Catharine E. Letters to the People. D. 2023 
Beecher, Chas. Biography and Correspondence 

of Lyman Beecher, 2 vols. D. 2505 
Beecher, Henry W. Life Thoughts gathered 

from his Discourses. D. 2227 

Una and her Paupers ; Memorials of Ag- 

nes Eliz. Jones. D. 2803 
Beecher, Lyman. Biography and Correspondence. 

By C. Beecher, 2 vols. D. 2505 

Beersheba. Bonar, H. From B. to Sidon. D. 2215 

" " From Cairo to B. D. 2189 

Newman, J. P. From Dan to B. D. 2504 

Belcher, Lady. Mutineers of the Bounty and 

their Descendants. D. 2755 



Bell. Wm. A. New Tracks in Xorth America. O. 1539 

Benjamin, S. G. W. The Turk and the Greek. 1). 2671 

Bernard, P. Wonderful Escapes. D. 2 

Bertram. Jas. (x. Harvest of the Sea. O. 1520 
Bethlehem. Martin. J. H. Historical Sketch of 

B. and the Moravians. O. 154* 

Bethune, Geo. W. The Fruit of the Spirit. D. 2519 

Be True. Mrs. Maxwell. D. 2104 

Bevan, Evan. Autobiography of. D. 1883 

Be Wise. Mrs. Maxwell. D. 2102 

Bible. Balfour, J. H. Bible Plants. I). 2569 

Gray, J. C. Bible Lore. D. 2 

Hudson, C. F. Concordance of New 

Testament. D. 2 

in French. Printed in 1614. Q. 

Kitto, J. Illustrations, 8 vols. D. 1997 to 2004 

" " Cyclopedia of B. Literature, 

2 vols. O. 
Lands and Seas. Wanderings in. D. 2409, 



Macmillan. H. Bible Teachings in Nature. D. 2611 

I). 2 
h. 2250 
Q. 182 
D. 2731 

Mitchell, O. M. Astronomy of, 
Prime, S. I. Bible in the Levant. 
Printed by Mark Baskett. London, 1761. 
Snowden, J. E. Coins of, 
■ie. E. R. Sovereigns of, 

Origin and History of the 

Stowe, C. E. 

Books of, 

Wood, J. G. Bible Animals. 

Bickmore, Albert S. Travels in the 

Bigelow, Jacob. Modern Inquiries. 

^raphies. S. Smiles. 
Biographies of Distinguished Scientific Men 

Arago, 1-t series, 

Same, 2nd 

graphy. Bayne, P. Essays in. 2 vols. 

Hawk-. F. L. Appleton's Cyclopedia oij 

O. 1312 

E. I. Archi- 


Birds of America. J. .1. Audubon, 7 vol>. 

.1. Cassin. 

Birds of Jamaica. P. 11. ( • 

the Unite 1 States. W. L. Baily. 
Natural II istory. By P, EL G 

Wonders of the Animal Kingdom. 







Birds. Wood, J. G. Natural History, Picture 

Book of, D. 2444 

Bishop, Nat. H. Thousand Miles Walk across 

South America. D. 2668 

Black Man, The. W. W. Brown. D. 2448 

Blake, John L. The Farm and the Fireside. D. 1970 

Blodget, Lorin. Climatology of the United States 
and Temperate Latitudes of N. Ameri- 
can Continent. O. 1352 
Bloxam, Chas. L. Metals : their properties and 

treatment. D. 2817 

Bobbin Boy. W. M. Thayer. D. 2483 

Bodily Strength and Skill. G. Deppuy. D. 2672 

Bohemia. White, W. A Holiday in, D. 2553 

Bonar, H. The Desert of Sinai. Notes of a jour- 
ney from Cairo to Beersheba. D. 2189 

The Land of Promise. Notes of a jour- 

ney from Beersheba to Sidon. P. 2215 
Bonner, Jno. A Child's History of the United 

States, 2 vols. D. 2121 

Book and its Story. T. Phillips. D. 1981 

Bourguignon, H. On the Cattle Plague. D. 2662 

Boulton, M. Life, by S. Smiles. O. 1491 

Bourne, John. A Catechism of the Steam Engine. D. 2827 

Bowditch, N. I. Suffolk Surnames. O. 1381 
Bowles, Samuel. Across the Continent. Jour- 
ney to the Eocky Mts., the Mormons, 

and the Pacific States. D. 2556 

Our New West. Travels from the Mis- 

sissippi Eiver to the Pacific Ocean. 

The Pacific Eailroad — open. 

The Switzerland of America; a summer's 

trip in Colorado. 
Bowring, Jno. Visit to the Philippine Isles. 
Boyhood of Great Men. 
Brace, Chas. L. Home Life in Germany. 

Hungary in 1851. 

The Norse-folk; or, a Visit to Norway 

and Sweden. 
Bradford, S. H. Story of Columbus. 
Brazil. Agassiz, L. Journey in, 

Hartt, C. F. Geology and Physical Ge- 

ography of, 

Stewart, C. S. Brazil and La Plata. 


























Bread. Mace. J. History of a Mouthful of Bread. 

D. 2507. 2645 

Breakfast, Dinner, and Tea. I). 2271 
Brewster. David. Memoir of Sir Isaac Xewton, 

2 vols. O. 1205 
Brewster. M. M. Work ; or. Plenty to do, and 

how to do it. D. 1990 

Briggs, Geo. X. A Memoir, by W. C. Eichards. D. 2580 
Brightwell. C. L. Annals of Industry and 

Genius. D. 24S7 

Bomantic Incidents and Scenes of Travel. D. 2411 

Brinton. Daniel G. The Myths of the Xew 

World. J). 2634 
British Empire. Sketch Book of, 2 vols. O. 1263, 1264 
Brock, C. Margaret's Secret. D. 2514 
Brock. Mrs. Henry F. Old Bobin and his Pro- 
verb. L>. 2391 
Broderip, W. J. Leaves from the Xote Book of 

a Naturalist. O. 1223 
Brodhead, J. R. History of the State of New 

York, 1609-1664. O. 1249 

f Brook, Mary. Beasons for Silent Waiting on God. D. 1889 

Brother's Choice. D. 2507 

Brown. A. Morton. Evenings with the Prophets. D. 2253 

Brown^ Jas. B. Home Life. D. 2598 
Brown, William. Thoughts on paper currency 

and lending on interest. J). 2804 

Brown, Wm. W. The Black Man. D. 2448 

Browne, J. Boss. Besources of the Pacific Slope. O. 1523 
Browning. M. Forty-four Years of the Life of a 

Hunter. D. 2 

Bruno. J. Abbott. D. 2030 

Bryant, Wm. Cullen. Letters from the Bast. D. 2699 

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spent chiefly in the Holy Land. I >. 2402 
Buckland, Francis T. Curiosities of Natural His- 
tory. D. 2233 

Same. 2d ser D. 2 

Buckley, T. A. Ancient Cities of the World. D. 2 

Budgett, Samuel. His Life, by W. Arthur. l>. l 

Buftalo. Ketchum, W. History of, 2 vols. O. 1469 

Bngff, V. Newa from Now Rome. I>. : 

Bulfinch, Thos. Oregon and Elder; D. 2584 


Bunsen, Baron. His Memoirs, by F. Bunsen. 2 

vols. D. 2677 

Bunyan, John. His Life, by T). A. Harsha. D. 2769 

Pilgrim's Progress. I). 1996 

Burr, Jr.. P. Vegetables of America. O. 1420 
Burritt, Elihu. Walk from London to John 

O'Groats. D. 2571 

Walk from London to Land's End and 

back. D. 2572 
Burton, Eichard F. Pilgimage to El Medinah and 

Mecca. D. 2162 

The Lake Eegions of Central Africa, O. 1376 

Bush, Chas. P. Five Years in China. 1>. 2559 
Bush, Richard J. Siberian Travel and Explora- 
tion in 1865, 1866, and 1867. O. 1540 

Business. Welsh, L. G. Guide to, D. 2785 
Busy Hives around us ; visits to the mine, work- 
shop, and factory. D. 2537 
Butterfly Vivarium. H. X. Humphreys. D. 2358 
Byberry Township in Philadelphia, Pa. Mar- 

tindale, J. C. History of, D. 2599 

Csesar. Trollope, A. Commentaries of, D. 2719 

Cairo. Bonar, H. From C. to Beersheba. D. 2189 

Caldwell, H. Art of Doing our Best. D. 2356 

California. Anderson, M. E. Scenes in, D. 2535 

Cronise, T. F. Natural Wealth of, O. 1487 

Calvert, J. See Williams, T. 

Camel, considered with reference to introduction 

into U. S. G. P. Marsh. D. 2171 

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Campbell, Bobt. A Journey among the Egbas 

and Yorubas of Central Africa. D. 2365 

Canada. Mac Mullen, J. History of, O. 1504 

Candle. Faraday, M. Chemical History of, D. 2379 

Capper, John. The Three Presidencies of India. O. 1260 

Carbolic Acid and its Compounds. A. E. Sansom. O. 1538 

Cardell, Wm. S. The Happy Family. D. 2385 

Carey. H. C. Principles of Social Science, vol. 1st. O. 1349 

Caroline. J. Abbott. D. 1972 
Carpenter, F. B. Six Months at the White House 

with Abraham Lincoln. D. 2577 
Carpenter, W. H. and T. S. Arthur. History of 

Massachusetts. D. 1927 


Carpenter. W. H. and T. S. Arthur. History of 

New Jersey. D. 1924 
" New York. D. 1925 

" Vermont. D. 1926 

Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia. Keminiscences 

. of, O. 1341 
Carter. Robt. Cruise on the Coast of New Eng- 
land. D. 2502 
Carthage. Davis, N. Her Remains. O. 1382 

Norris. W. H. History of. D. 2046 

Cashmere. Ireland, J. B. From Wall Street to G. 0.1367 

Cassell's Natural History: Mammalia, 2 vols. O. 1400 

Cassin, John. Birds of America. O. 1339 

Catacombs of Rome. D. 2123 

W. I. Kip. D. 2362 

Catlin, Geo. Life among the Indians. I). 2629 

Catlow, Agnes. Drops of Water. I>. 2012 

Cattle Plague. H. Bourguignon. D. 2662 

Caves of the Earth. I>. 2072 

Cazin, Achille. Wonders of Heal. D. 2672 
Cecil's Books of Natural History. S. H. Peabody. 

3 vols. D. 2627 

Celebrated Children. M. Masson. 1>. 1916 

Celeste, Sister Maria. Life of Galileo. D. 2717 

Central America. Morelet, A. Travels in. I>. 2747 

Squier. E. G. Notes on, O. 1301 

Ceylon. Baker, S. W. Eight Years in, I >. 2687 

Chaldea. Loftus, W. K. Travels in, I >. 

Champion, F. Citizen's Manual. 1>. 2822 
Channing, W. A Physician's Vacation : or, a 

Summer in Europe. < >. 1335 

Chaplin. Jeremiah. The Evening of Life. D. 2 

Character. S. Smiles. I>. 2784 
Charles. Bliz. Chronicles of the Schdnberg-eotta 

Family. 1>. 2510 
Charles the Bold; History of him. by .1 . F. Kirk. 

2 vols. O. 1423 
Charles V. History of his reign, by Win. Bobert- 
. and his Life after his Abdication. 

by W. H. Pn vols. 0. ' 

Chasing the Sun. B. M. Ballantyne. D. 21 
Cheever, Geo. B. Lectures on the Life, Genius, 

and Insanity of Cowper, D. 2 

The Pilgrim in the Shadow of the Ju 

trail Alp. I>. 2224 


Chemistry. Graham, T. Elements of Inorganic, O. 1350 

Johnston, J. P. C. of Common Life, 2 

vols. D. 2016 

Miller, W. A. Introduction to Inor- 


D. 2818 

Piesse, G. W. S. Wonders of, D. 2400 

Chenoweth, G. D. Religious Anecdotes. D. 2105 
Chevallier, E. See Lenoxmant, F. 

Chiefs Daughter; or, Daybreak in Britain, by 

A. L. O. E. D. 2429 

Child, L. Maria. Looking toward Sunset. D. 2563 

Child's Book of Nature. W. Hooker. D. 2192 

Children on the Plains. D. 2346 

China. Bush, C. P. Five Years in, D. 2559 

Doolittle, J. Social Life of the Chinese, 

2 vols. D. 2557 

Hue, M. Journey through, 2 vols. D. 2014 

Nevins, J. L. China and the Chinese. D. 2658 

Oliphant, L. Lord Elgin's Mission in 

1857-9. O. 1373 

Pictorial, Descriptive and Historical. D. 2127 

Smith, W. L. G. China and the Chinese. D. 2449 

Speer, W. C. and the United States. O. 1522 

Taylor, Bayard. Visit in 1853. D. 2018, 2020 

Chinese, The. D. 2066 
Choules, J. O. Cruise of the Yacht " North 

Star." D. 1949 

Christ. Scott, J. Baptism of, D. 1893 

■4 Christ Vindicated. Whitehead, G. Power of, D. 1896 
^Christian Advices, issued by the Yearly Meeting 

of Friends. D. 2246 

Christian Discipline. W. Alexander. D. 1908 

Christian Traveller. Shewen, W. Counsel to, D. 1889 

Christianity. Mcllvaine, C. P. Evidences of, D. 2752 

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City of the Great King. J. T. Barclay. O. 1346 

Civilization. Dean, A. History of, 7 vols. O. 1492 
Clark, N. G. An Outline of the Elements of the 

English Language. D. 2452 

Clark, Wm. Visible Marks of Christ's Church. D. 1889 

Clavers, Mary. Our New Home in the West. D. 2810 
Clay, Henry. Obituary Addresses delivered in 

Congress on the occasion of his death. O. 1233 

Climatology of the U. S. L. Blodget. O. 1352 


Coal and Coal Mining. W. W. Smyth. D. 2739 
Coast Survey ander direction of U.S. Government, 

1860-1864, 5 vols. Q. 19-4 

Cochin, Aug. The Eesults of Emancipation. D. 2431 
Coffin, Chas. C. Our New Way Eound the- 

World. D. 2707 

Coins. Henfrey, H. W. Coins of England. D. 2732 

Humphreys, H. X. Coin Collector's Man- 

ual, 2 vols. D. 2688 

Prime, W. C. Medals and Seals. O. 1473 

Snowden, J. K. Coins in the Cabinet of 

the U. S. Mint. O. 1472 

Snowden. J. R. Coins of the Bible. 1). 2731 

Collins, Wm. E. ' History of English Literature. D. 2680 

Outlines of General History. I). 2681 

Collins, Perry. McD. Voyage down the Amoor; 

with a land journey through Siberia. D. 2314 

Collins, W. L. Virgil. D. 2719 
Collinson, Peter. Tribute to his memory, by W. 

II. Dillingham. O. 1222 
Colonial Adventures and Experiences. D. 2811 
Colorado. Bowles. S. A Summer's Trip in, D. 2523 
Colorado River of the West. Ives. J. C. .Re- 
port on, ( t ». 198 
Columbus. His Life, by Alphonse Lamartine. I). 2241 

S. H. Bradford. ' D; 2165 

Commerce and Commercial Navigation. Ho- 

mans, J. S. and J. S. Homans, Jr. A 
.Cyclopedia of, 2 vols. O. L355 
Concordance of the .New Testament. C. F. Hud- 
son. D. I'Th.") 
Confectionary. Art of, D, 2576 
Congressional Globe. See U. S. Official Doc'mts. 
Constitution of the U. S. Curtis, G. T. History 

of, 2 vo\<. a 1354 

Continental Money. Scrap Book of, <,>. 186 
Conybeare, \\\ J. and others. Lite and Tinn 

St. Paul. L494 

Cooke, Jr., J. P. .Religion and Chemistry. 1448 

Cooker}-. Jewry. I£. Lippincott's Every Day, D. 2701 

(i. Fort. I >. 2287 

(oral-maker. D. 2 

Corner Cupboard : or, Facte for Everybody, D. 2 

i Houses; or. Kindness Wins. I>. 2641 


Corner. Miss. The Child's Pictorial History of 

England. D. 2157 
Corsica, and Early Life of Bonaparte. F. Gre- 

gorovius. D. 1993 
Cortez, Hernando. Abbott, J. History of. D. 2147 
Copenhagen to Venice. H. If. Field. ' D. 2254 
Coultas, H. What may be Learned from a Tree. O. 1375 
Count Eumford. Memoir, by G. E. Ellis. O. 1530 
Country ; or, Old Michael and Young Maurice. D. 1897 
Country Homes. G. E. Woodward. D. 2700 
Country Life. The Rhyme and Reason of, O 1275 
Country. Wood, J. G. Common Objects of, D. 2282 
Cousin, V. Jaqueline Pascal. D. 1913 
Cow. Nefflen, J. Increasing the Yield of, O. 1293 
Cowan, Frank. Curious Facts about Insects. D. 2555 
Cowdery, M. F. Moral Lessons. D. 2174 
Cowper. Cheever, G. B. Life. Genius, and In- 
sanity, D. 2182 

Home and Haunts of, O. 1460 

Crawford, Mabel S. Life in Tuscany. D. 2302 

Creation. Noyce, E. Outlines of, D. 2279 

Crisp, Samuel. Autobiography of, D. 1883 

Croese, Gerard. History of the Quakers. D. 1895 

Cromwell, Oliver. Adams, C. Life of, D. 2639 

Cronise, T. F. Natural Wealth of California. O. 1487 

Crosland, Mrs. N. Lives of Memorable Women. D. 2419 
Crowfield, Chris, (pseud.) See Stowe, H. B. 

Crown of Success, by A. L. O. E. D. 2472 

Cruise of the Betsey. Hugh Miller. t D. 2225 

Crummel. Alex. The Future of Africa. D. 2406 

Cuba. Dana, R, H. To Cuba and Back. D. 2247 

Jay, W. M. L. My Winter in, D. 2823 

Culture Demanded by Modern Life. E. L. You- 

mans. D. 2608 
Cunningham, Robt. O. Natural History of the 

Strait of Magellan. D. 2307 

Curiosities. Platts, I. Book of, O. 1307 
Curtis, Geo. T. History of the Constitution of 

the United States, 2 vols. O. 1354 

Curzon, Robt. Armenia. D. 1967 

Cyclopedia. Kitto, J. Biblical Literature, 2 vols. O. 1255 

of Anecdotes. K. Arvine. O. 1247 

of Literary and Scientific Anecdotes. W. 

Keddie. D. 2347 


Cyclopedia of Modern Travel. B. Taylor. O. 1327 

of Useful Information. D. 2396 

Cyrus the Great. Abbott. J. History of D. 2375 

Dale, Fanny. Household Words. J). 2022 
Dallas, W. S. Natural History of the Animal 

Kingdom. O. 1325 

Dan to Beersheba. J. P. Newman. D. 2 

Dana. Jas. D. Manual of Geologv. O. 1417 

Dana. Richard II. To Cuba and Back. D. 2247 
Darlington. Wm. American Weeds and Useful 

Plants. D. 2399 
DAubigne, J. H. M. History of the Reforma- 
tion in Europe, 3 vols. D. 2439 
Daughter at School. J. Todd. D. 2156 
Davis, X. Carthage and her Bemfiins. O. 13 s 2 
De Bow. J. D. B. Compendium to the Seventh 

Census of the United States. O. 12S7 

Mortality Statistics of U. S. Census, 1850. O. 1302 

De Costa, B. F. " Lake George. D. 2042 
Pre-Columbian Discovery of America by 

the Northmen. O. 14^4 

De Fonvielle, W. Thunder and Lightning. D. 2672 

De Gasparin, A. America before Europe. D. 2434 

The L^prising of a Great People. The 

United States in 1861. D. 2371 

J)e Lamartine. A. History of Turkey, vol. 1. D. 2<>27 

De Lanove. F. Egypt 3300 Years Ago. D. 2672 

Sublime in Nature. D. 2 

De Quatrefages, A. Eambles of a Naturalist on 

the Coasts of France. Spain, and Sicily. 

2 vols. D. 2334 
De Toequeville. Alexis. Memoir. Letters, and 

Remains of, 2 vols. D. 2446 
De Yaldes, Juan. Alfabeto Christian... O. 1402 
De Vere, M B. Leaves from the Book of Na- 
ture. 1). 2797 

Stray Leaves from the Book of Nature. D. - 

The Great Empress 1). 2 

1 >e Voltaire, F. Letter from J. Martin. 1 >. 

Dean, Amos. History of Civilization, 7 vols. O. L492 

Delaware Co. 3 Pen Da. Smith. G. History <»i'. O 

Delusions. Remarkable. I>. 1881 

Denmark, &c, Travels in. D. 2 


Deppuy, G. Bodily Strength and Skill. D. 2672 

Desert, The. D. 2070 

Desert of Sinai. Bonar, H. D. 2189 
Dewees, Watson. History and Catalogue of 

West-town Boarding School. D. 2277 

Dick and his Friend Fidus. C. M. Trowbridge. D. 2265 

Dick, Thos. Telescope and Microscope. D. 2073 
Dickens, Chas. A Child's History of England, 

2 vols. D. 2120 
Dickenson, Jonathan. His Journal. D. 2682 
Dilke, Chas. W. Greater Britain ; Travel in Eng- 
lish speaking countries. D. 2657 
Dillingham, W. H. Tribute to the Memory of 

Peter Collinson. O. 1222 

Dictionary. Anthon, C. Classical, O. 1513 

" " Greek and Eoman An- 

tiquities. O. 1535 

Overall, W. H. Chronological, O. 1514 

Smith, W. Classical D. abridged. D. 2767 

Thomas, J. Lippincott's Biographical, 2 

vols. O. 1508 

of Authors. S. A. Allibone, 3 vols. O. 1361 

of Every-day Difficulties in the English 

Language. D. 2775 

of Names. W. Arthur. D. 2164 

Directory of Philadelphia, 1825. T. Wilson. O. 1245 

' " 1851, A. McElroy. O. 1246 

Discipline of Friends of Philadelphia Yearly 

Meeting. O. 1415 

Dixon. Wm. H. Free Eussia. O, 1512 

Her Majesty's Tower. D. 2663 

History of Lord Bacon. D. 2484 

John Howard and the Prison-world of 

Europe. D. 2461 

The Holy Land. D. 2656 

" <- " 2 vols. O. 1458 

Dodge, J. E. West Virginia and its Eesources. D. 2545 

Dogs. Stories about, D. 1923 

-Doing and Suffering. D. 2382 
Doolittle, Justus. Social Life of the Chinese; 
their Eeligion, Government, Education, 

&c, 2 vols. D. 2557 

Downing, A. J. Eural Essays. O. 1248 

Treatise on Landscape Gardening. O. 1280 


Drops of Water. A. Catlow. 
Du Chaillu, Paul B. A Journey to Ashango Land. 
■ — Explorations and Adventures in Equator- 
ial Africa. 

Lost in the Jungle. 

My Apingi Kingdom. 

Stories of the Gorilla Country. 

Duchess of Orleans. Memoir of, 

Dulcken. H. W. The World's Explorers. 

Dumb Creation. A plea for, 

Dutch Eepublic. Motley, J. L. The Eise of. 3 vols. 

Dwelling. Wheeler, G. The Choice of. 

Earnest Men. Dr. Tweedie. 
Earth. Jones, W. Treasures of, 

Eeclus. E. Descriptive History of, 

East. Bryant, W. C. Letters from, 

Lenormant P. and E. Chevallier. An- 

cient History of the East to the Me- 
dian Wars, vol. 1. 

Miller, E. C. Eastern Sketches, <tc. 

Prime. S. I. Travels in, 2 vols. 

Smith, B. P. Ancient History of. 

East Indian Archipelago. Bickmore, A.S. Travels 

Bastwick, Bdw. B. Venezuela; or. Sketches of 

Life in a S. American Eepublic. 
Eating and Drinking. G. M. Beard. 
Eaton, C. A. Eome in the 19th Century, 2 vols. 
Eaton, S. J. M. Petroleum ; a History of the Oil 

Eegion of Penna. 
Eckley, Sophia M. Oldest of the Old World. 
Eddy, Daniel C. The Percy Family, 5 vols. 

(1) A Visit to Ireland, Paris to Amsterdam, 

_ Scotland and England, (4j Baltic to Vesuvius, 

(5) Alps and the Rhine. 

Walter's Tour in the East. 6 vols. l>. 2421 

Walter in Kgypt, (4) Walter in DamaE 

'• Jerusalem, (5) " " Constantinople, 

• Samaria, " " Athens. 

Bide, Clias. Warm Hearts in ('old Regions. D. 2477 

Eden. Walks from, D. 2548 

Edinburgh Review, vols, fC>-99 ; 101-126, O. 1238 

Education. II. Spencer. D. 2370 






















































Edwards, M. A. Philip in Palestine. D. 2534 

Egypt. DeLanoye, F. Egypt 3300 years ago. D. 2672 

Grey, Mrs. Wm. Visit to in the Suite 

of the Prince and Princess of Wales. D. 2708 

Harman, H. M. Journey in, 1). 2280 

Lansing, G. Egypts' Princes. D. 2496 

Lepsius, E. Letters from, D. 2126 

Our Trip to, D. 2339 

Prime, W. C. Boat Life in E. and Nubia, D. 2206 

Thomas, J. Travels in, D. 1887 

Wilkinson, J. G. Ancient Egyptians, 

vols. 1 and 2. D. 1959, 1960 

Egyptian, The, D. 2063 

Eighteen Christian Centuries. J. White. D. 2264 
Electricity. Pynchon, T. E. Heat, Light, and E. D. 276 1 

Elfred. J. Abbott. D. 2154 
Elizabeth, Queen of England. Hopkins, S. The 

Puritans During her Eeign. 3 vols. O. 1371 

Ellard, John. The Newsboy. D. 2413 

Ellen Linn. J. Abbott. D. 1888 
Ellis, Geo. E. Memoir of Sir Benj. Thompson, 

Count Eumford. O. 1530 

Ellis, Wm. Visits to Madagascar during 1853-6. O. 1366 

Ellwood, Thomas. Life by Himself. D. 2218 

El Medinah. Burton, E. F. Pilgrimage to, D. 2162 
Elmer, L. Q. C. History of the Constitution and 

Government of New Jersey. O. 1552 
Emancipation. Cochin, A. Eesults of D. 2431 
Encourager, The, D. 1902 
Engineer, The. J. Abbott. D. 2155 
Engineering Facts and Figures for 1867. D. 2633 
England. Abbott, J. English History. D. 2117 
> Corner, Miss. Childs' Pictorial History of, D. 2157 

Dickens,' C. A. Child's History of, 2 vols. D. 2120 

Foster, A. F. History of, D. 2592 

Froude, J. A. History of, 12 vols. D. 2722 

Geldart, Mrs. T. History of, D. 2319 

Gillett, E. H. England Two Hundred 

Years Ago. D. 2583 

Haven, G. Travel in, I). 2558 

Hoppin, J. M. Old E. Its Scenery, Art, 

and People. D. 2606 

Knight, C. History from B. C. 56 to A. 

D., 1849, 8 vols. * O. 1386 


England. Tuckerman, H. T. A Month in, D. 1918 

Yonge, 0. M. History from Eollo to Ed- 

ward II. D. 2643 

English Country Life. T. Miller. D. 2380 

English Forests and Forest Trees. O. 1271 
English Language. Clark, N. G-. Outline of the 

Elements of, D. 2452 

Dictionary of Every-day Difficulties in, D. 2775 

Marsh, G. P. Origin and History, O. 1413 

English Literature. Collin, W. F. History of, D. 2680 

Spalding, Wm. History of, D. 1946 

English, Past and Present. R. C. Trench. D. 2140 
English Words. Trench, E. C. A Select Glossary 

of, D. 2256 

Epidemics. Anstie, F. E. Notes on, D. 2778 

Erie County, Penna, Sanford, L. G. History of, D. 2403 

Erie E. E. Adams, Jr., C. F. A Chapter of, D. 2529 

Errand Boy. C. Adams. D. 2482 

Errors of Speech. L. P. Meredith. D. 2821 

Ethiopia. Lepsius, E. Letters from, D. 2126 

Europe. Alison, A. History of, 2d series, 3 vols. O. 1309 

Channing, W. A Summer Vacation in, O. 1335 

Felton, C. C. Letters from, D. 2499 

Forney, J. VV. Letters from, D. 2617 

Latrobe, J. H. B. Six Months in, D. 2684 

Lippincott, S. J. Haps and Mishaps of a 

Tour. D. 1938 

Morford, H. Guide to, D. 2727 

Prime, S. I. Travels in Europe and the 

East, 2 vols. D. 2005 

Silliman, B. Visit in 1851, 2 vols. D. 1909 

Taylor, B. By-ways of, D. 2664 

Train, G. F. An American Merchant in, D. 2191 

Wallace, E. D. A Woman's Experiences. D. 2813 

European Countries Described. D. 1995 

European Eussia. Travels in, D. 2060 
Evans, Mary L. Glimpses by Sea and Land. D. 2715, 2716 
Evans, William. Journal of, O. 1516, 1517 

Evenings at Home. M. Godolphin. D. 2530 

.Evening of Life. J. Chaplin. D. 2259 

Evenings with the Prophets. A. M. Brown. D. 2253 

Everhart, Jas. B. Miscellanies. D. 2404 

Ewbank, Thos. The World a Workshop. D. 19S8 


Excelsior. Helps to progress in Beligion, Science 

and Literature, vol. 1. D. 2006 

Same, vols. 2 and 3. D. 2007 

Exodus. Palmer, E. H. The Desert of, O. 1545 

Eye, The. D. 2074 

Facts for Everybody ; an Encyclopedia of Useful 

Knowledge. D. 2397 
Fairbanks, Geo. E. History of Florida, from 

1512 to 1842. D. 2760 

Fairmount Park. Keyser, C. S. History of, D. 2806 

Familiar Lectures. J. F. W. Herschel. ' D. 2579 

Familiar Science. E. E. Peterson. D. 1991 

Fankwei. W. M. Wood. D. 2240 

Faraday as a Discoverer. J. Tyndall. D. 2646 
Faraday, Michael. His Life and Letters, by B. 

Jones, 2 vols. O. 1502 

By J. H. Gladstone. D. 2828 

■ Six Lectures on the Chemical History of 

a Candle. D. 2379 

Six Lectures on the Forces of Matter. D. 2349 

Farm and Fireside. J. L. Blake. D. 1970 

Farm Book. Allen, E. L. D. 2695 

Farm, The. J. Taylor. D. 2047 
Farrar, Mrs. John. Eecollections of Seventy 

Years. D. 2540 

Fast in the Ice. E. M. Ballantyne. D. 2517 

Father's Coming Home. D. 2412 

Feather, The. D. 2075 
Fells of Swarthmoor Hall. M. Webb. D. 2615, 2616 

Felton, C. C. Letters from Europe. D. 2499 

Fern Culture made Easy. S. Hibberd. D. 2689 
Ferris, John A. The Financial Economy of the 

United States, illustrated. D. 2628 
Ferry Boy and Financier. J. T. Trowbridge. D. 2490 
Feuchtwanger, L. A Treatise on Gems. D. 2638 
Field and Forest Studies. W. Flagg. D. 2170 
Field, Henry M. History of the Atlantic Tele- 
graph. D. 2575 

Summer Pictures, from Copenhagen to 

Venice. D. 2254 

Fighting the Whales. E. M. Ballantyne. D. 2515 

Figuier, Louis. The Human Eace. O. 1451 

The Insect World. D. 2815, and O. 1480 


Figuier, Louis. The Ocean World. O. 1485 

The World before the Deluge. O. 1486 

Fiji and the Fijians. T. Williams and J. Calvert. O. 1370 
Fireside Science. J. E. Nichols. D. 2789, 2801 

Fisher, Geo. P. Life of Benj. Silliman, 2 vols. D. 2568 

Fisher, Samuel. TheEustic'sAlarmtotheEabbies. O. 1242 

Fishes. Natural History, by P. H. Gosse. D. 2328 

Fitch, Jno. His Life, by T. Westcott. D. 2201 

Flagg, Ed. Venice, from 1797 to 1849, 2 vols. D. 1910 

Flagg, Wilson. Studies in the Field and Forest. D. 2170 

FJammarion, C. The Heavens. D. 2672 

Florence Stories. J. Abbott. 6 vols. D. 2283 
Florida. Fairbanks, G. E. History from 1512 

to 1842. D. 2760 

Flower, The. D. 2082 

Flowers for the Parlor and Garden. E.S.Eand, Jr. D. 2462 

Flowers of the Forest. D. 2101 

Fly, The. D. 2081 

Fontaine, Edw. How the World was Peopled. D. 2809 

Food. H. Letherby. D. 2820 

Force. J. Abbott. D. 2756 

Forces of Matter. M. Faraday. D. 2349 

Foreign Etchings. J. W. Wall. D. 2200 

Foreign Lands. Scenes and Adventures in, D. 2337 

Forest, The. J. Taylor. D. 2041 

Forest. Kirby, M. and E. Things in the, D. 2384 
Forester, Thos. Norway and its Scenery. D. 1947, 2129 

Forney, John W. Letters from Europe. D. 2617 

Forester, Francis. Glen Morris Stories, 5 vols. D. 2498 

(1) Guy Carlton, (3) Jessie Carlton, 

(2) Dick Duncan, (4) Walter Sherwood, 

(5) Kate Carlton. 

Korster, Jno. Life and Times of Oliver Gold- 
Smith, 2 vols. O. 1534 
Fort, G. Coos-coo-soo ; or, Letters from Tangier, 

in Africa. D. 22S7 
Forty -four Years of the Life of a Hunter. M. 

Browning. D. 2693 
y Forwood, W. S. Description of the Mammoth 

Cave of Kentucky. D. 2720 

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Four-footed Favorites. D. 2458 


Four Years Aboard the Whaleship. W. B. White- 
car, Jr. D. 2262 
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France. Haven, G. Travel in, D. 2558 

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Frank and Eufus. C. M. Trowbridge. D. 2469 

Frank's Search for Sea-shells. D. 2586 

Franklin. J. Abbott, D. 2032 
Franklin, Sir John. Kane, E. K. U. S. Grinnell 

Expedition in search of, O. 1259 

McClintock, F. L. Discovery of the fate 

of, D. 2292, 2304 

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tures in 1857. D. 2226 
Freese, Jacob B. Palestine, Syria, and Asia Minor. D. 2653 
French Language. Ann's Introductory. D. 2267 
^ Friends. Armisteacl, W. Miscellanies Illustra- 
tive of the History, Christian Princi- 
ples and Sufferings of, D. 1882 

Biographical Sketches and Anecdotes 

of, D. 2736, 2737 

f Croese, G. History of the Quakers. D. 1895 

i Keith, G. The Standard of the Quakers. D. 1892 

Social Hours with, D. 2610 

Wright, T. Their Eise and Progress in 

Ireland from 1653 to 1700 ; with a con- 
tinuation to 1751, "by J. Eutby. Q. 198 
Friends' Books. Smith, J. Catalogue of, 2 vols. O. 1477 
Friends in Council. D. 1885 
Friends in London. Beck, Wm. and T. F. Ball. 

The Eise of the Society. O. 1503 

Froude, Jas. A. History of England, from the 
Fall of Wolsey to the Death of Eliza- 
beth, 12 vols. D. 2722 

Short Studies on Great Subjects. D. 2753 

Fruit of the Spirit. G. W. Bethune. D. 2519 

Fyfe, J. H. Triumphs of Invention and Discov- 
ery. D. 2369 

Gale, George. Upper Mississippi and the North- 
west from 1600. D. 2630 
Galileo. His Life, by Sister Maria Celeste. D. 2717 


Gardening. Downing, A. J. Treatise on Land- 
scape, O. 1280 
Gas Light. History of D. 2497 
Gatherings by the Wayside, 2 vols. D. 2053 
Gazetteer of the United States. T. Baldwin and 

J. Thomas. O. 1251- 

Geldart. Mm Thomas. History of England. D. 2319 

Gems and Precious Stones. L. Feuchtwanger. D. 2638 

Genesis of Species. St. George Mivart. D. 2758 

Genghis Khan. Abbott, J. History of, D. 2316 

Geographical Studies. C. Eitter. D. 2492 

Geology. Agassiz, L. Geological Sketches. D. 2574 

Dana. J. D. Manual of, O. 1417 

Miller. Hugh. D. 2245 

George Lee. M. J. Hildeburn. D. 2604 
George Morton and his Sister. C. M. Trowbridge. D. 2468 
Georgia. Kemble. F. A. On a Georgian Planta- 
tion in 1838-39. D. 2455 

White, G. Historical Collections of, O. 1262 

Gerard, Jules. Adventures of Gerard the lion 

killer, comprising a history of his ten 
years' campaign among the wild ani- 
mals of northern Africa. D. 2166 
Germany. Brace, C. L. Home Life in, D. 2216 

Haven, G. Travel in, D. 2558 

Johnson, Anna C. Peasant Life in, D. 2345 

Giant Killer ; or, the Battle which all must Fight, 

by A. L. O. E. D. 2257 
Gibbon, L. See Herndon, W. L. 

Gillett, E. H. Ancient Cities and Empires. D. 2631 
■ England Two Hundred Years Ago. D. 2583 

Life and Times of John Huss, 2 vols. O. 1421 

Gilliss, J. M. TJ. S. N. Astronomical Expedition 

to the Southern Hemisphere during 

1849-1852, 2 vols, Q. 187 

Gladstone, J. H. Michael Faradav. D. 2828 

Glass. History of, D. 2497 

Glass Making. A. Sauzay. D. 2672 

Glaucus. C. Kingsley. D. 2025 

Gleanings from Pious Authors. D. 1914 

Glen Morris Stories. F. Forrester. 5 vols. I>. 2498 
Glimpses by Sea and Land. M. L. Evans. D. 2715, 2716 

Godolphin, Mary. Evenings at Home. D. 253C 

Golden Gate. Isabella, S. Five Years within the, D. 2637 


Goldsmith, Oliver. Life and Times, by J. Fos- 
ter, 2 vols. O. 1534 
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Good Little Hearts, by Aunt Fanny, 4 vols. D. 2552 
Goodrich, Frank B. Man upon the Sea; an ac- 
count of remarkable voyages. O. 1353 
Goodrich, S. G. Balloon Travels of Eobert Merry 

and his Young Friends. D. 2135 

Merry's Museum, 24 vols. O. 1300 

Natural History of the Animal Kingdom, 

2 vols. O. 1374 

Eecollections of a Lifetime, 2 vols. O. 1322 

Wanderers by Sea and Land. D. 1982 

Good Words. 1860 to 1864. O. 1459 
Goodyear, Chas. His Life and Discoveries, by 

B. K. Peirce. D. 2593 

Gorilla Country. P. B. Du Chaillu. D. 2625 

Gospel According to St. Matthew. J. F. Schon. D. 2266 

Gosse, P. H. An Introduction to Zoology, 2 vols. D. 2360 

A Year at the Shore. D. 2808 

Birds of Jamaica. D. 2009 

British Ornithology. D. 2011 

Evenings at the Microscope. D. 2291 

Life, in its Lower, Intermediate, and 

Higher Forms. D. 2184 

Natural History of Birds. D. 2326 

" " Fishes. D. 2328 

" " Mammalia. D. 2327 

« " Mollusca. D. 2330 

" " Eeptiles. D. 2329 

Eomance of Natural History. D. 2359 

The Aquarium. D. 2008 

The Ocean. D. 2142 

Gotthold's Emblems. C. Scriver. D. 2378 
Gough, Jno. B. Auto-biography and Personal 

Eecollections. O. 1507 
Gould, A. A. See Agassiz, L. 
Grabham, M. C. Climate and Eesources of Ma- 
deira. D. 2703 
Graham, Thos. Elements of Inorganic Chemistry. O. 1350 
Grandmamma's Sunshine. D. 2473 
Gray, J. C. Bible Lore. D. 2796 
Great Empress, The. M. S. De Vere. D. 2723 
Great Exhibition. Lectures on the Eesults. D. 1956 


Great Facts. F. C. Bakewell. D. 2290 

Great Hunts. V. Mennier. D. 2672 

Great Eepublic. J. D. 3IcCabe. Jr. O. 1537 

Great Stone Book of Xature. D. T. Ansted. D. 2456 

Greater Britain. C. W. Dilke. D. 2657 

Greece. Baird, H. M. Eesidence and Travels in, D. 2175 

Benjamin, S. G. W. The Turk and the 

Greek. D. 2671 

Grote. G. History of. 12 vols. D. 2363 

Howe, F. Travels in, 1). 2651 

Taylor Bayard. Travels in, D. 2261 

Greeley. Horace. An Overland Journey from 

New York to San Francisco in 1859. D. 2298 

Art and Industrv in the Crystal Palace 

at New York, 1853-54. I >. 1917 

Essays on Political Economy. D. 2718 

Grellet. Stephen. Memoirs, by B. Seebohm. 2 vols. O. 138-1 

Greenland. Hayes. Dr. I. I. Land of Desolation. D. 2790 
Greenwood. Grace, (pseud.) See Lippincott. S. J. 
Gregoroviu^, F. Corsica, and Sketch of the 

Early Life of Xapoleon Bonaparte. D. 1993 
Grey. Mrs. Wm. Visit to Egypt, &c., in the 
Suite of the Prince and Princess of 
Wales. D. 2708 
Grindon. Leo. H. The Little Things of Nature. D. 2655 
Griscom, John H. Uses and Abuses of Air. D. 1950 
Grote, Geo. History of Greece, 12 vols. D. 2363 
Grout, Lewis. Life in Zulu-land. D. 2532 
Grubbj Sarah. Life and Religious Labors of, D. 2437 
Guild. Reuben A. Life. Times, and Correspond- 
ence of James Manning. D. 2509 
Guillemin. A. Wonders of the Moon. I>. 2826 

Wonders of the Sun. D. 2672 

Habersham, A. W. My Last Cruise. I >. 1333 

Hack. Maria. Winter Evening Tales. D. 1928 
Half Hours with the best Authors. C. Knight. 

6 vols. D. 2694 

Hall, Chas. F. Arctic Researches in 1860-1862. O. 1449 

Hall, John V. Autobiography of. I >. 2566 
Hall, W. W. Guide Board to Health. Peace, and 

Competence. O. 1">1!> 

Sleep ; or, the Hygiene of the Night. D. 2714 

Hamilton, Wm. Lectures On Bletaphye O. 


Hamley, AT. G. A New Sea and an Old Land. O. 1532 

Hand, The. D. 2051 

Hanna, Wm. Wars of the Huguenots. D. 2799 

Happy Family. W. S. Cardell. D. 2385 

Hard Maple. D. 2596 

Have, Aug. J. C. Walks in Eome. D. 2777 
Harman, Henry M. Journey to Egypt and the 

Holy Land. D. 2280 

Harper Establishment, J. Abbott. D. 2028 

Hamper, John. Glimpses of Ocean Life. D. 2323 

Harper's Story Books. J. Abbott. 12 vols. D. 2425 

Harris, T. W. Insects Injurious to Vegetation. O. 1389 

Harry's Vacation. W. 0. Eichards. D. 1987 

Harsha, D. A. Life of John Bunyan. D. 2769 

Hartshorne, Henry. Guide to the Medicine Chest. D. 2524 
Hartt, C. F. Geology and Physical Geography 

of Brazil. " O. 1515 

Hartwig, G. Sea and its Living Wonders. O. 1521 

The Polar World. O. 1500 

Hassaurek, F. Four Years among the Spanish- 
Americans. D. 2619 

Haven, Alice B. Memoir of, D. 2544 
Haven, Gilbert. The Pilgrim's Wallet ; Travel 

in England, France and Germany. D. 2558 

Hawaii Island. Anderson,- M. E. Scenes in, D. 2535 

Hopkins, M. Its Past, Present, and Fu- 

ture. D. 2659 
Hawks, Francis L. Appleton's Cyclopedia of 

Biography. O. 1312, 1351 

U. S. Japan Expedition under Com. M. C. 

Perry. O. 1314 
Hayden, F. V. Ethnography and Philology 
of the Indian Tribes of the Missouri 

Valley. Q. 199 

F-eport of the U. S. Geological Survey of 

Montana and adjacent Territory, 1871. O. 1549 

Hayes, Isaac I. An Arctic Boat Journey in 1854. D. 2306 

Land of Desolation; Adventures in Green- 

land. D. 2790 

The Open Polar Sea, O. 1466 

Hazard, Samuel. Pennsylvania Archives, 1664- 

1790, with Appendix, 12 vols. O. 1240 

Same, General Index. O. 1272 

Headley, P. C. Life of Mary, Queen of Scots. D. 2447 


Headship of Christ. H. Miller. D. 2465 
Health. Hall, W. W. Guide Board to Health, 

Peace, and Competence. O. 1519 

Heart of the Continent. F. H. Ludlow. O. 1510 

Heat. Abbott, J. D. 2756 

Cazin, A. Wonders of. D. 2672 

Maxwell, J. C. Theory of. D. 2816 

Pynehon, T. E. Heat, Light, and Elec- 

tricity. D. 2761 

Tyndall, J. Considered as a Mode of 

Motion. D. 2485 
Heaven. A Present, D. 2460 
Heavens. Flammarion. C. Wonders of the, D. 2672 
Hebrew Poetry. I. Taylor. O. 1399 
Hebrides. Miller. H. Eambles in the, D. 2225 
Hedges. Isaac A. Sorgo ; or, the Northern Su- 
gar Plant. D. 2464 
Helper, H. E. The Impending Crisis of the 

South. D. 2202 
Helps, A. The Spanish Conquest in America. 2 

vols. D. 2167 

Henfrey, H. W. Guide to English Coins. D. 2732 
Henry IV. of France. Abbott, J. S. C. History 

of. D. 2374 

Her Majesty's Tower. W. H. Dixon. D. 2663 
Herndon, W. L. and L. Gibbon. Exploration of 

the Valley of the Amazon, 3 vols. O. 1254 

Herodotus. G. C. Swayne. D. 2719 
Herschel, John F. W. Familiar Lectures on 

Scientific Subjects. D. 2579 
Hervey, G. W. Ehetoric of Conversation. D. 1939 
Hervey. James. Meditations and Contempla- 
tions. I). 2221 
Ilibberd, S. The Fern Garden ; or, Fern Culture 

made Easy. D. 2689 
Hildeburn, Mary J. George Lee ; or. Making the 

Best of Trials. D. 2604 

Hill, S. S. Travels in Siberia, 2 vols. D. 2010 

Hillard, G. S. Six Months in Italy, 2 vols. D. 1942 

Hinton, Jas Life in Nature. D. 2824 

Historical and Biographical Memoirs. G.B.Wood. O. 1544 
Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Memoirs, by 

E. Armstrong, Vol. 1. O. 1 150 

History. Abboit, J. American, D. 2118 


History. Abbott, J. Ancient, D. 2039 

" " Story of English, D. 2117 

Collin, W. P. Outlines of General, D. 2681 

Rawlinson, G. Ancient History to the 

Fall of the Western Empire. D. 2807 
Strickland, A. Stories from, D. 1958 

Thalheimer, M. E. Manual of Ancient, O. 1547 

Yonge, C. M. Landmarks of, 3 vols. D. 2649, 2654 

History of my Pets. S. J. Lippincott. D. 1985 

- Hitchcock, Edw. Eeligious Truth, Illustrated 

from Science. D. 2181 

Eeminiscences of Amherst College. D. 2511 

Hive and the Honey Bee. L. L. Langstroth. D. 1933 
Hodgson, William. The Eeformers and Martyrs 

before and after the Lutheran Refor- 
mation. D. 2620 
Holland, Henry. Recollections of Past Life. D. 2792 
Holland, J. G. Plain Talks on Familiar Subjects. D. 2546 

Titcomb's Letters to Young People. D. 2648 

Holton, Isaac F. JSTew Grenada ; Twenty Months 

in the Andes. O. 1324 

Holy Land. Buchanan, R. Travels in, D. 2402 

Dixon, W. H. D. 2656 

« " 2 vols. O. 1458 

Harman, H. M. Journey in, D. 2280 

Phelps, S. D. D. 2795 

Prime, W. C. Tent Life in, D. 2207 

Holy Types. J. A. Seiss. D. 2673 
Homans, J. S. and J. S. Homans, Jr. A Cyclope- 
dia of Commerce and Commercial Navi- 
gation, 2 vols. O. 1355 

Home Ballad':. J. G. Whittier. D. 2348 
Home Life. J. B. Brown. D. 2598 
Homes of American Statesmen. O. 1379 
Hoi^es without Hands. J. G. Wood. O. 1465 
Honduras. Wells, W. V. Explorations and Ad- 
ventures in, O. 1336 
Hooker, W. The Child's Book of Nature. D. 2192 
Hopkins, M. Hawaii ; the Past, Present, and 

Future. D. 2659 
Hopkins, Samuel. The Puritans and Queen Eli- 
zabeth, 3 vols. O. 1371 
Hoppin, Jas. M. Old England ; its Scenery, Art, 

and People. D. 2606 


Hornby, Mrs. Edmund. In and around Stam- 

boul. D. 2301 

Hortense. Abbott, J. S. C. History of, D. 2720 

Hospitals for the Insane. T. S. Kirkbride. O. 1278 
Hotten, J. C. See Larwood, J. 

House and Home Papers. H. B. Stowe. D. 2513 

Household Words. F. Dale. D. 2022 

Household Science. E. L. Youmans. D. 2212 

How I Found Livingstone. H. M. Stanley. O. 1553 

How to get a Farm. D. 2506 
Howard, John, and the Prison World of Europe. 

W. H. Dixon. D. 2461 
Howard, Lucy. Her Journal, by L. H. Sigourney. D. 2235 
Howe, Fisher. Oriental and Sacred Scenes ; Trav- 
els in Greece, Turkey, and Palestine. D. 2651 
Howitt, W. Two Years in Victoria, 2 vols. D. 2116 
Hue, M. Journey through the Chinese Empire, 

2 vols. D. 2014 
Hudson's Bay. E. M. Ballantyne. D. 2198 
Hudson, Chas. F. Concordance of the New Tes- 
tament. D. 2765 
Hudson, Henry. Adventures of, D. 1934 
Huguenots. Hanna, W. Wars of, D. 2799 
Huguenot Galley Slave. J. Marteilhe. D. 2601 
Huguenots in England and Ireland. S. Smiles. D. 2618 
'Hull, Henry. Memoir of, D. 2219 
Human Body. A. Le Pileur. D. 2672 
Human Kace. L. Figuier. O. 1451 
Humphreys, H. N". The Butterfly Vivarium ; or, 

Insect Home. D. 2358 

The Coin Collector's Manual, 2 vols. D. 2688 

Hungary in 1851. C. L. Brace. D. 2353 
Hunt, Freeman. Lives of American Merchants, 

2 vols. O. 1304 
Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, vols. 30, 34, 35, 

37-41, 43-55, 57-61. O. 1261 
Huss, John. Life and Times, by E. H. Gillett, 2 

vols. O. 1421 

Iceland. Paijkull, C. W. A Summer in, O. 1479 

India. Capper, J. The Three Presidencies of, O. L260 

MacFarlane, C. History of British. D. 2697 

Taylor, Bayard. Visit in 1853. D. 2018, 2020 

• Wood, W. M. The San Jacinto in the 

Seas of India, China, and Japan. D. 2240 


Indians. Catlin, G. Life among, D. 2629 

Schoolcraft, H. E. History, Condition 

and Prospects of, Q. 176 
Indians of Missouri Valley. Hayden, F. V. Eth- 
nography and Philology of, Q. 199 
Industrial Information for Boys. E. Noyce. D. 2285 
Industry and Genius. Brightwell, C. L. Annals 

of, D. 2487 

Inquire Within for anything you want to know. D. 2270 

Insane Hospitals. T. S. Kirkbride. O. 1278 

Insects. Cowan, F. Curious Facts about, D. 2555 

Figuier, L. Insect World. D. 2815 and O. 1480 

Harris, T. W. Injurious to Yegetation. O. 1389 

Jaeger, B. North American Insects. D. 2244 

Trimble, I. P. Enemies of Fruit and Fruit 

Trees. Q. 201 

Woodworth, T. C. Wonders of, D. 1930 

Instruction. Different Methods, by J. P. Wick- 

ersham. D. 2609 

In the Tropics. E. B. Kimball. D. 2453 
Invention and Discovery. Fyfe, J. H. Triumphs 

of, D. 2369 
Inventions. Pulleyn, W. Portfolio of. D. 2585 
Inventors and Discoverers. Timbs, J. Stories of, * D. 2313 
Iona, the Druids' Isle. W. L. Alexander. D. 2061 
Ireland, Jno. B. From Wall Street to Cashmere; 
a Journal of Five Years in Asia, Africa, 
and Europe. O. 1367 
Iron. History of, D. 2497 
Iron Workers and Tool Makers. S. Smiles. D. 2486 
Irving. Washington. Life of George Washing- 
ton, 5 vols. D. 2467 
Isabella, S. Five Years within the Golden Gate. D. 2637 
Island Home. D. 1957 
Isle of Wight. Barber's Picturesque Guide to, O. 1528 

Mantell, G. A. Geological Excursions in, D. 2158 

Israel of the Alps. A. Muston. D. 1951 

Italy. Hillard, G. S. Six Months in, 2 vols. D. 1942 
Ives, J. C. Eeport on the Colorado River of the 

West, in 1857-58. Q. 195 

Jack Halyard the Sailor Boy. D. 2386 

Jackson, R. E. S. Life of William Scoresby. D. 2366 

Jaeger, B. The Life of North American Insects. D. 2244 


Japan. Alcock, E. Three Years' Eesidence in, 

2 vols. B. 2450 

Hawks, F. L. Narrative of the Expedi- 

tion under Com. M. C. Perry, U. S. K O. 1314 

Oliphant, L. Lord Elgin's Mission in 

1857-59. O. 1373 

Spalding. J. W* Japan and Around the 

World! D. 2019 

Steinmetz, A. Japan and her People, D. 2364 

Taylor, B. Japan in our day. D. 2794 

« " Visit in 1853. D. 2018, 2020 

Japanese Botany. O. 1509 

Jay, W. M. L. My Winter in Cuba. D. 2823 

Jenks, J. W. Bural Poetry of the English Lan- 
guage. O. 1326 

Jerusalem. Barclay, J. T. City of the Great 

King. O. 1346 

Bartlett, W. H. Jerusalem Eevisited. O. 1424 

Morrison, W. Eecovery of, O. 1525 

Jesuits. Nicolini, G. B. History of, D. 2143 

Jewry, Mary. Lippincott's Every-day Cookery. I). 2701 
Jews. Eaphall, M. J. Post-Biblical History of, 

2 vols. D. 2131 

John Gay series. J. Abbott. 4 vols. D. 2501 
John O'Groats. Burritt, E. Walk from London 

to, D. 2571 

John True. J. Abbott. D. 2138 
Johnes, Merideth. Boy's Book of Modern Travel 

and Adventure. D. 2286 

Johnson, Anna C. Peasant Life in Germany. D. 2345 

The Cottages of the Alps. D. 2324 

Johnston, Jas. F. Chemistry of Common Life, 2 

vols. D. 2016 

Joan of Arc; or, the Maid of Orleans. D. 2415 

Jones, Agnes Eliz. Beecher, H. W. Memorials 

of, D. 2803 

Jones, Bence. Life and Letters of Faraday, 2 

vols. O. 1502 

Jones, Eebecca. Memorials of her, by W. J. Al- 

linson. D. 2674 

Jones, Wm. The Treasures of the Earth. D. 2623 

Journey in the Back Country. Fred. L. Olm- 
sted. D. 2 
Judea in her Desolations. 1). 2401 


Judson, Adoniram. His Life and Labors, by F. 

Wayland, 2 vols. D. 2533 

Judson, Emily C. Her Life and. Letters, by A. 

C. Kendrick. D. 2350 

Jungfrau Alp. Cheever,' G. B. The Pilgrim in 

the Shadow of, D. 2224 

Juvenile Delinquents. Peirce, B. K. Half Cen- 
tury with, O. 1490 

Kaines, Jos. Last Words of Eminent Persons. D. 2581 
Kane, Elisha K. Arctic Explorations in 1853, 

1854 and 1855, 2 vols. O. 1319, 1320 

The U. S. Grinnell Expedition in Search 

of Sir John Franklin. O. 1259 
Keary, A. The Nations Abroad. D. 2728 
Keddie, Wm. Cyclopedia of Literary and Scien- 
tific Anecdote. D. 2347 
Keith, Geo. The Standard of the Quakers. D. 1892 
Kelly, Caroline E. Arthur Merton. D. 2550 
Kemble, Frances A. Journal of a residence on a 

Georgian Plantation in 1838-39. D. 2455 
Kendrick. A. C. Life and Letters of Emily C. 

Judson. D. 2350 

Kennan, Geo. Tent Life in Siberia. 3). 2738 

Ketchum, Wm. History of Buffalo, 2 vols. O. 1469 

Keyser, Chas. S. History of Fairmount Park. D. 2806 
Kidder, D. P. Learning to Feel, 2 vols. D. 2108, 2109 

Learning to Think, 2 vols. D. 2110, 2111 

Money; its Nature, History, &c. D. 1945 

Kimball, Eichard B. In the Tropics. D. 2453 
King, Clarence. Mountaineering in the Sierra 1 

Nevada. D. 2791 

King, Ed. F. Ten Thousand Wonderful Things. D. 2317 

King Philip. Abbott, J. S. C. History of, D. 2199 

King Eichard I. J. Abbott. History of, D. 2186 

King Eichard II. " " ' D. 2186 

King Eichard III. " " D. 2186 
Kingsley, Chas. At Last; a Christmas in the 

West Indies. D. 2779 

Glaucus ; or, the Wonders of the Shore. D. 2025 

Kingston, W. H. G. Fred. Markham in Eussia. D. 2229 

Kip, Wm. I. Catacombs of Eome. D. 2362 

Kirby, M. and E. Things in the Forest. D. 2384 

Kirk, J. F. History of Charles the Bold, 2 vols. O. 1423 


Kirkbride, Thos. S. Hospitals for the Insane. O. 1278 
Kirkland, C. M. The School-girl's Garland, 2 

vols. D. 2491 

Kirkwood, Daniel. Meteoric xistronomy. D. 2521 

Kiss for a Blow. H. C. Wright. D. 1977 
Kitto, John. Bible Illustrations, 8 vols. D. 1997 to 2004 

Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature, 2 vols. O. 1255 

His Memoirs, by J. B. Evland. 2 vols. D. 2159 

Scripture Lands. D. 2128 

Knight, Chas. Half Hours with the best Au- 
thors, 6 vols. D. 2694 

History of England, from B. C. 56 to A. D. 

1849, 8 vols. O. 1386 

Knowledge is Power. D. 2152 

Knight, Helen C. A Memoir of Hannah More. D. 2243 

Lady Huntington and her Friends. D. 1943 

Life of James Montgomery. D. 2205 

Knowledge is Power. C. Knight. D. 2152 

Knox, Chas. E. A Year with St. Paul. D. 2495 
Krapf, J. Lewis. Travels, researches, and mission- 
ary labors during an eighteen years 

residence in eastern Africa. D. 2318 

Labor. Wright, H. B. D. 2776 

Lady Huntington and her Friends. H. C. Knight. D. 1943 
Lady's Second Journey Eound the World. I. 

Pfeiffer. D. 2151 
Lake George. B. F. De Costa. D. 2642 
Lake Ngami. C. J. Andersson. D. 2161 
Lamartine, Alphonse. Life of Christopher Colum- 
bus. D. 2241 
Land and the Book. W. M. Thomson, 2 vols. O. 1360 
Land of Desolation. I. I. Hayes. D. 2790 
Land of Promise. H. Bonar. D. 2215 
Lander, Sarah W. Spectacles for Young Eyes, 

7 vols. D. 2422 

Land's End. Burritt, E. Walk from London to, D. 2572 

Longstroth, L. L. Hive and the Honey Bee. D, 1933 
Language. Midler, M. Lectures on the Science 

of Language, 1st and 2nd series. D. 2542, 25 13 
Lankton, Chloe ; or, Light beyond the Clouds. D. 2463 
Lansing, G. Egypt's Princes. D. 2496 
La Plata. Page, T. J. Narrative of Explora- 
tions. O. 1363 


La Plata. Stewart, C. S. Brazil and La Plata. D. 2163 
Lardner, Dionysius. Lectures on Science and 

Art, 2 vols. O. 1387 

Lardner, D. Museum of Science and Art, 6 vols. D. 2132 
Larwood, Jacob and John C. Hotten. History 

of Signboards. D. 2691 

Last Shilling. P. B. Power. D. 2476 

Last Words of Eminent Persons. J. Kaines. D. 2581 

Latrobe, John H. B. Six Months in Europe. D. 2684 

Laurie, T. Dr. Grant and the Nestorians. D. 1919 

Law, The Eeign of. By the Duke of Argyle. D. 2676 
Lawrence, Amos. Diary and Correspondence, by 

W. E. Lawrence. D. 2115, 2197 

Lawrence, E. See Smith, W. 
Layard, Austen H. Discoveries among the Euins 

of Nineveh and Babylon. O. 1224 

Le Pileur, A. The Human Body. D. 2672 
Leaf and Flower Pictures, and how to make 

them. D. 2647 

Learning about Common Things. J. Abbott. D. 2172 

about Eight and Wrong. " D. 2187 

to Feel. D. P. Kidder, 2 vols. D. 2108, 2109 

to Eead. J. Abbott. D. 2122 

to Talk. " D. 2040 

to Think. " D. 2137 

« D. P. Kidder, 2 vols. D. 2110, 2111 

Leaves from the Book of Nature. ML S. De Vere. D. 2797 

Lefevre, M. Wonders of Architecture. D. 2672 
Leisure Hour. 1852 to 1857. O. 1252, 1279 
Lenormant, F. and E. Chevallier. Ancient His- 
tory of the East to the Median Wars, 

Yol. 1st. D. 2705 
Leonowens, A. H. English Governess at the 

Siamese Court, D. 2762 
Lepsius, E. Letters from Egypt, Ethiopia, and 

the Peninsula of Sinai. D. 2126 
Leslie, Madeline. The Two Homes ; or, Earning 

and Spending. D. 2424 

Lessons in Proverbs. E, C. Trench. D. 2180 

Letheby, H. On Food. D. 2820 

Letters of a Traveller. W. C. Bryant, 2nd series. D. 2248 

Letters of Life. L. H. Sigourney. D. 2562 

Letters to the People. C. E. Beecher. D. 2023 

Leviticus. Seiss, J. A. Gospel in, D. 2673 


Lewes, Geo. H. Physiology of Common Life, 

2 vols. D. 2272 

Lewis, Dio. Our Digestion ; or, My Jolly Friend's 

Secret. D. 28 U 

Liberty. J. S. Mill. D. 2711 

Library Company of Philadelphia, Catalogue of 

Books, 3 vols. O. 1243 

Same from 1835 to 1844. O. 1239 

Library. Catalogue of theLoganian Library. O. 1244 

Library of Wonders, 18 vols. D. 2672 

Optical Wonders, Glass Making, 

Thunder and Lightning, Human Body, 

Wonders of Heat, Architecture, 

Intelligence of Animals, Bottom of the Sea, 

Egypt 3300 Years Ago, Wonders of Acoustic?, 

Great Hunts, The Heavens, 

Wonders of Pompeii, Celebrated Escapes, 

Sublime in Nature, Balloon Ascents, 

The Sun, Bodily Strength and Skill. 

Life, in its Lower, Intermediate, and Higher 

Forms. P. H. G-osse. J). 2184 

Life in Nature. J. Hinton. D. 2824 

Life Eevealed. Marshall, C. Way of, D. 1889 

Life Studies; or, How to Live. J. Baillie. D. 2214 
Life Work ; or, the Link and the Eivet. L. N. 

Eanyard. D. 2389 
Light. Abbott, Jacob. D. 2756 
Pynchon, T. R. Heat. Li^ht and Elec- 
tricity. D. 27(11 

at Evening Time. D. \ 

Lincoln. Abraham. Arnold, I. N. History of 

Abraham Lincoln and the overthrow 

of Slavery. O. 1468 

A Selection from his Speeches, &c., D. 2538 

Carpenter.- F. B. Six Months at the 

White House. D. 2577 

Lindley, Aug. After Ophir. A Search for South 

African Gold Fields. O. 1518 

Lindley, John. The Vegetal >le Kingdom. O. 1257 

Lippincott's Biographical Dictionaiy. J.Thomas, 

2 vols. O. 1508 

Every Day Cookery. M. Jewry D. 2701 

Lippincott, S. J. Haps and Mishaps of a Tour 

in Europe. D. 1038 

History of my Pets, D, 1985 


Literary and Scientific Anecdote. W. Keddie. D. 2347 

Little by Little. D. 2475 

Little Foxes. H. B. Stowe. I). 2560 

Little Lays for Little Folks. J. G. Watts. D. 2525 

Little Louvre. J. Abbott. D. 2033 
Livingstone, David. His Life and Adventures in 

South Africa, by H. G. Adams. I). 2788 

Travels in South Africa. D. 2724 

Travels in South Africa. O. 1344, 1345 

and Chas. Expedition to the Zambesi 

and its Tributaries, 1858-1864. O. 1461 
Loftus, Wm. K. Travels in Chaldea and Susiana. O. 1334 

Loiterings among the Lakes. D. 1904 

London. Pictorial Hand-book of, D. 2146 
London Quarterly Eeview, vols. 90-95 ; 97-99 ; 

101-121. O. 1237 
London. Eanyard, L. N. Homes of the London 

Poor. D. 2388 

London to John O'Groats. E. Burritt. D. 2571 

London to Land's End. E. Burritt. D. 2572 

Longfellow, H. W. New England Tragedies. D. 2667 

Poems, 2 vols. D. 2150 

Looking toward Sunset. L. M. Child. D. 2563 

Lord, Chas. E. Natural and Bevealed Theology. O. 1505 

Lord, John. Ancient States and Empires. D. 2686 

Lost in the Jungle. P. B. DuChaillu. D. 2702 

Lowell, Jas. E. My Study Windows. D. 2754 

Ludlow, F. H. The Heart of the Continent. O. 1510 

Lyon, Mary. Life and Labors of, D. 2188 

McCabe, Jr., Jas. D. The Great Eepublic. O. 1 537 

McClintock, F. L. The Fate of Sir John Frank- 
lin Discovered. D. 2292, 2304 
MacFarlane, Chas. History of British India. D. 2697 
MacGavock, E. W. A Tennessean Abroad, D. 1976 
Mcllvaine, Chas. P. Evidences of Christianity. D. 2752 
Macmillan, Hugh. Bible Teachings in Nature. D. 2611 
MacMullen, Jno. History of Canada. O. 1504 
Mace, Jean. History of a Mouthful of Bread and 

its Effects. D. 2597, 2645 

The Servants of the Stomach. D. 2644 

Mackay, Chas. Extraordinary Popular Delusions. D. 2675 

Life and Liberty in America. D. 2258 

Maokerel Will ; or, the Cheating Fisher Boy. D. 2459 


Madagascar. Ellis, W. Visits in 1853-6. O. 1366 

Missions and Martyrs in, D. 2-493 

Pfeiffer, I. Last Travels. D. 2377 

Sibree, J. Madagascar and its People. D. 2712 

Madeira. Grabham,M. C. Climate and Resources. D. 2703 

Mammalia. History of, 6 vols. D. 1975 

Natural History, by P. H. Gosse. D. 2327 

Wonders of the Animal Kingdom. D. 2332 

Wood, J. G. Natural History, Picture 

Book of, D. 2443 
Mammoth Cave of Kentucky. W. S. Forwood. D. 2729 
Man and Nature. G. P. Marsh. O. 1431 
Man in Genesis and in Geology. J. P. Thompson. D. 2685 
Man on the Ocean. R. M. Ballantyne. D. 2454 
Man upon the Sea. F. B. Goodrich. O. 1353 
Management of the Young. J. Abbott. D. 2800 
Manning, Jas. His Life, Times and Correspon- 
dence, by R. A. Guild. D. 2509 
Mantell, G. A. Fossils of the British Museum. D. 2125 

Geological Excursions round the Isle of 

Wight. D. 2158 

March Winds and April Showers, by " Acheta." D. 2134 

Marco Polo's Travels. T. Wright. D. 2121 

Margaret of Anj ou. Abbott, J. History of, D. 2372 

Margaret's Secret. C. Brock. D. 2514 

Maria Cheeseman, or, the Candy Girl. D. 2119 

Marion, F. Balloon Ascents. ' I). 2672 

Optical Wonders. D. 2672 

Wonders of Vegetation. D. 2786 

Mark Steadman, or, Show Tour Colors. D. 2640 

Marsh, Geo. P. Man and Nature. O. 1431 

Origin and History of the English Language. O. 1413 

The Camel Considered with Reference to 

His Introduction into the United States. D. 2171 
Marshall, Chas. Way of Life Revealed, and Way 

of Death Discovered. D. 1889 

Marteilhe, Jean. The Huguenot Galley-slave. D. 2601 
Martin, Josiah. Letter from Josiah Martin to F. 

De Voltaire. D. 18S9 
Martin, J. H. Historical Sketch of Bethlehem 

and the Moravians. O. 154S 
Martindale, Jos. C. History of the Townships of 

Byberry and Moivland, in Phila., Pa. D. 2599 

Martyn, W. C. Life and Times of John Jlilton D, 2578 


Martyrs. Hodgson, W. Lives, Sentiments and 

Sufferings. D. 2620 
Mary Gay Series. J. Abbott, 4 vols. D. 2551 
Marv, Queen of Scots. P. C. Headley. D. 2447 
Maryland. Neill, E. D. The Colonial History of, D. 2600 
Massachusetts Agricultural Societies' Transac- 
tions for 1846-47-48. O. 1398 

Same for 1852. O. 1391 

Board of Agriculture. Annual Report 

for 1855. O. 1393 

" " " for 1856. O. 1394 

" " " for 1858. O. 1395 

" " " for 1859. 0.1396 

« " " for 1860. O. 1397 

Carpenter, W. H., and Arthur, T. S. His- 

tory of, D. 1927 

Its Early History. O. 1501 

Proceedings of the Convention of 1788. O. 1390 

Report of the Industry of Massachusetts 

in 1855. . O. 1392 

Masson, D. Life of John Milton, vol. 1st. O. 1364 

Masson, M. Celebrated Children. D. 1916 

Material Universe, the. M. Ponton. D. 2451 

Mattocks, B. Minnesota as a Home for Invalids. D. 2749 

Maury, M. F. Physical Geography of the Sea. O. 1288 

The Amazon and the Atlantic Slopes of 

South America. O. 1234 

Maxwell, J. C. Theory of Heat. D. 2816 

Maxwell, Mrs. Be True. D. 2104 

Be Wise. I). 2102 

May Flowers, by " Acheta." D. 2133 
Mayer, B. Mexico. Aztec, Spanish and Repub- 
lican, vol. 1 and 2. O. 1267, 1268 

Mayhew, Henry. The Peasant Boy Philosopher. D. 1994 

Wonders of Science; or, Young Hum- 

phrey Davy. D. 2145 
Mecca. Burton, R. F. Pilgrimage to, D. 2162 
Mechanism. Goodeve, T. M. Elements of, D. 2650 
Medicine Chest. Hartshorne, H. Guide to, D. 2524 
Meditations and Contemplations. J. Hervey. D. 2221 
Mediterranean Islands. M. G. Sleeper. D. 2564 
Meginnees, J. F. Olzinachson ; or, a History of 
the West Branch Valley of the Susque- 
hanna. O. 1447 


Melbourne and the Chincha Islands. G. W. 

Peck. D. 1963 
Memorable Women. Lives of, by Mrs. N. Cros- 

land. D. 2419 

Men of our Times. H. B. Stowe. O. 1483 

Menault, Ernest. Intelligence of Animals. D. 2672 

Meredith, L. P. Errors of Speech. D. 2821 

Teeth, and how to save them. D. 2764 

Meredith, Mrs. Chas. My Home in Tasmania. D. 1915 
Merrivale. Chas. History of the Eomans under 

the Empire. 7 vols. O. 1432 

Merry's Book of Animals. D. 2294 

" Birds. D. 2293 

" Eastern Wonders. D. 2297 

" Prose and Poetry. D. 2299 

" Tales and Stories. D. 2295 

" Travel and Adventure. D. 2296 

Merry's Museum. S. G. Goodrich, 24 vols. O. 1300 
Metals. Bloxam, C. L. Their Properties and 

Treatment. D. 2817 

Pepper, J. H. Playbook of, D. 2354 

Metaphysics. Hamilton, W. Lectures on, O. 1368 

Meteoric Astronomy. D. Kirkwood. D. 2521 
Meteorological Eegister of U. S. A., from 1843 to 

1854. Q. 189 

Same, 1854 to 1859. Q. 193 

Meteors, .Erolites, Storms, &c. Zurcher and 

Margalle. D. 2692 

Mennier, Victor. Great Hunts. D. 2672 

Mexico. Abbott, G. D. Mexico and the United 

States. O. 1496 

Mayer, B. Aztec, Spanish, and Eepubli- 

can, Vols. 1st and 2nd. O. 1267, 126S 

Wilson, JR. A. History of the Conquest 

Microscope. Beale, L. S. How to work it. 

Gosse, P. H. Evenings at, 

Quekett, J. Treatise on the use of, 

Wood, J. G. Common Objects for, 

Microscopical Manipulation. W. T. Suftblk. 
Middle Ages. Yonge, C. M. Landmarks of His- 

Miles Standish. J. S. C. Abbott. 
Mill, John S. Liberty. 




















Miller, Ellen C. Eastern Sketches, Notes, &c. D. 2772 

Miller, Hugh. Essays. D. 2508 

Life and Letters, by P. Bayne. D. 2780 

My Schools and Schoolmasters. D. 1952 

Popular Geology. D. 2245 

The Cruise of the Betsey; or, a Eamble 

in the Hebrides; with Eambles of a 

Geologist in Scotland. D. 2225 

The Headship of Christ. D. 2465 

The Testimony of the Eocks, D. 2190 

Miller, Thos. English Country Life. D. 2380 
Miller, Wm. A. Introduction to Inorganic Chem- 
istry. D. 2818 

- Milman, Henry H. Life of Thomas A'Becket, D. 2414 
Milton, John. His Life and Times, by W. C. 

Martyn. D. 2578 

Life, by D. Masson, Yol. 1. O. 1364 

Mine, The. I. Taylor. D. 2052 
Ministering Children. D. 2381 
Minnesota. Mattocks, B. As a Home for Inva- 
lids. D. 2749 

Miscellany, 3 vols. D. 2048 

Missing Link ; or, London Poor. L. N. Eanyard. D. 2388 

Mitchel, O. M. The Astronomy of the Bible. D. 2590 

The Planetary and Stellar Worlds. D. 2591 

Mitchell, S. W. Wear and Tear ; or, Hints for 

the Overworked. D. 2763 
Mivart, St. George. Genesis of Species. D. 2758 
Modern Inquiries. J. Bigelow. D. 2607 
Mollusca. Natural History of, by P. H. Gosse. D. 2330 
Mollusks of Great Britain. Tate, E. D. 2730 
Moncrief, E. H. Oudendale ; a Story of School- 
boy Life. D. 2554 
Money. D. P. Kidder. D. 1945 
Monnier, Marc. Wonders of Pompeii. D. 2672 
Montgomery, Jas. His Life, by H. C. Knight. D. 2205 
Moon. Guillemin, A. Wonders of the, D. 2826 
Moral Lessons. M. F. Cowdery. D. 2174 
More, Hannah. Memoir, by H. C. Knight. D. 2243 
Moreland Township, in Philadelphia, Pa. Mar- 

tindale, J. C. History of, D. 2599 
Morelet, Arthur. Travels in Central America. D. 2747 
Morford, Henry. Guide to Europe, with Skele- 
ton Tours in America. D. 2727 


Morgan, Lewis H. American Beaver and his 

Works. O. 1476 

Morley, Henry. Eussian Life before and during 

the Emancipation of the Serfs. D. 2582 

Morrison, W. Eecovery of Jerusalem. O. 1525 

Motley, Jno. L. History of the United Nether- 
lands, from 1584 to 1609, 4 vols. O. 1380 

The Eise of the Dutch Republic, 3 vols. O. 1308 

Mountain, The. D. 2068 
Mountain Gems. J. Todd, 4 vols. D. 2488 
Mowry, S. Arizona and Sonora. D. 2503 
Muirhead, Jas. P. Life of James Watt. D. 2249 
Mulford, E. The Nation. O. 1511 
Muller, Max. Lectures on the Science of Lan- 
guage, 1st series. D. 2542 

Same, 2nd series. D. 2543 

Murray, Wm. H. H. Adventures in the Wilder- 
ness : or, Camp Life in the Adirondacks. D. 2670 

Museum, The. J. Abbott. D. 2153 

Muston, A. The Israel of the Alps. D. 1951 
Mutineers of the Bounty and their Descendents. 

Lady Belcher. I). 2755 

My Apingi Kingdom. P. B. Du Chaillu. D. 2743 

My Feathered Friends. J. G. Wood. D. 2284 

My Last Cruise. A. W. Habersham. O. 1333 

My Schools and Schoolmasters. Hugh Miller. D. 1952 

My Study Windows. J. E, Lowell. D. 2754 

Myths of the New World. D. G. Brinton. I). 2634 

Nation, The. E. Mulford. O. 1511 

National Speaker. J. Alden. D. 2706 

Nations Abroad. A. Keary. 1). 2728 
Natural History. Agassiz, E. C. and A. Seaside 

Studies. O. 1456 

Agassiz, L. Methods of Studying. 1>. 2457 

Althans, H. Scripture Natural History, 

2 vols. D. 2042 

Ansted, D. T. and others. Inanimate 

Creation. O. 1323, 1377 

Atkinson, J. C. Sketches in, D. 2357 

Audubon, J. J., 7 vols. O. 1356 

■ " " and J. Bachman. Quad- 

rupeds of N. America. 

3 vols. O. 1357 


Natural History. Buckland, F. T. Curiosities of, D. 2233 

" " " " 2d series. D. 2335 

■ Cassell's Mammalia, 2 vols. O. 1400 

Cassin, J. Birds of America. O. 1339 

Cunningham, E. O. Of the Strait of 

Magellan. D. 2307 

Dallas, W. S. Animal Kingdom. O. 1325 

Goodrich, S. G. Animal Kingdom, 2 vols. O. 1374 

Gosse, P. H. Birds. D. 2326 

" " Birds of Jamaica. D. 2009 

" ", Fishes. D. 2328 

" " Mammalia. D. 2327 

" " Mollusca. D. 2330 

" " Eeptiles. D. 2329 

" " Eomance of, D. 2359 

Smith, C. Conversations in, D. 2481 

Smith, D. Vols. 1 to 4, 6 to 12, 14. D. 2084 to 2094 

Wood, J. G. Eeptiles. D. 2445 

Naturalist. Broderip, W. J. Leaves from the 

Note-book of a, O. 1223 

Naturalist's Eambles. A. De Quatrefages, 2 vols. D. 2334 

Nature. De Yere, M. S. Leaves from, D. 2797 

Grindon, L. H. The Little 'Things of, D. 2655 

Schoedler, F. The Book of, O. 1265 

Nazareth Hall, from 1755 to 1855. L. F. Eeichel. D. 2015 
Ned Manton ; or, the Cottage by the Stream, by 

A. L. O. B. D. 2430 
Nefflen, John. Increasing the Yield of the Milch- 
cow. O. 1293 
Neill, Edw. D. Terra Marise ; or, Maryland Col- 

lonial History. D. 2600 

Nero. Abbott, J. History of, D. 1886 

Nest, The. D. 2049 

Nestorians. Laurie, T. Dr. Grant and the, D. 1919 

Nevins, John L. China and the Chinese. D. 2658 

•New England. Carter, E. Cruise on the Coast. D. 2502 

New England Tragedies. H. W. Longfellow. D. 2667 
New Granada. Holton, I. F. Twenty Months 

in the Andes. O. 1324 
New Jersey. Carpenter, W. H. and Arthur, T. S. 

History of. D. 1924 

Elmer, L. Q. C. Constitution and Gov- 

ernment of, O. 1552 

Sypher, J.E. andE. A. Apgar. History of, D. 2713 


New Sea and an Old Land. W. G. Hamley. O. 1532 

New York House of Eefuge. B. K. Peirce. O. 1490 

New York to San Francisco in 1859. H. Greeley. D. 2298 
New York State. Brodhead, J. E. History from 

1609 to 1664. O. 1249 

Cabinet of Natural History, 1853. O. 1281 

» " a 1854. O. 1285 

" " " 1855. O. 1292 

« " " 1856. O. 131* 

" " " 1861. O. 1407 

Carpenter, W. H. and Arthur, T. S. His- 

tory of, D. 1925 

Census for 1855. Q. 190 

Code of Procedure as Amended in 1851. O. 1284 

Library of Catalogue of Books, 1850. O. 1277 

" " " 1855-6, 4 vole. 

O. 1329, 1330 

" « " 1861. O. 14(>5 

Catalogue of Coins and Medals, 1850. O. 1282 

Eeport of the Trustees, 1854. O. 1286 

" '• 1855. O. 1291 

" " " 1856. O. 1315 

" ■• " 1858. O. 1408 

Maps and Surveys belonging to, O. 1283 

O'Callaghan, E. B. Documentary His- 

tory of, 4 vols. O. 1276 

* " Documents Eelat- 

in<r to Colonial History, 10 vols, and 

index. Q. 181,184, 185 

University of, Eeport of the Eegents, 1858. O. 1359 

" - " 1862. O. 1406 

New Zealand. Barker, Lady. Station Life in. D. 2757 
Newcombe, S. P. Pleasant Pages for Young 

People. D. 1932 

Newman, J. P. From Dan to Beersheba. 1). 25<»4 

News from New Eome. F. Bugrg. D. 1966 

Newton, Isaac. Memoir, by D. Brewster, 2 vols. O. 1298 
Nichols, James E. Fireside Science. D. 2789, 2801 

Nicolini, G. B. History of the Jesuits. I >. I'll.; 

Nightingale, Florence. Notes on Nursing. D. 2322 

Nile. Adams, W. H. D. The Valley of, D; 2612 

Baker, S. W. Nile Tributaries of Aby* 

sinia. O. 1471 


Nile. Speke, J. H. Discovery of its Source. O. 1429, 1430 
Nineveh. La} r ard, A. H. Discoveries among 

the Euins of, O. 1224 

Noble, Louis L. After Icebergs with a Painter. D. 2368 
Norris, John P. Key to the Acts of the Apostles. D. 2768 

Norris, W. H. History of Ancient Persia. D. 2045 

History of Carthage. D. 2046 

Norse-folk. C. L. Brace. D. 2193 

North British Beview, vols. 37-47. O. 1236 

Northern Travel. Bayard Taylor. D. 2210 
North Star. Choules, J. O. Cruise of the Yacht, D. 1949 

Northumberland and the Border. W. White. D. 2341 
Northwest. Gale, G. Progress of Civilization 

from 1600. D. 2630 

Northwest Coast. J. G. Swan. D. 2420 

Norway. Brace, C. L. Norse-folk. D. 2193 

■ Forester, T. Norway and its Scenery. 

D. 1947, 2129 
Notable Things of our Time. J. Timbs. D. 2520 
Nothing Venture, Nothing Have, by Cousin Alice. D. 1984 
Noyce, Elisha. Boy's Book of Industrial Infor- 
mation. D. 2285 

Outlines of Creation. D. 2279 

Nubia. Prime, W. C. Boat Life in, D. 2206 

Nursing. Nightingale, F. Notes on, D. 2322 

O'Callaghan, B. B. Colonial History of New 

York State, 10 vols, and index. Q. 181, 184, 185 

Documentary History of the State of New 

York, 4 vols. O. 1276 

Ocean, The. D. 2058 

P. H. Gosse. D. 2142 

Ocean Life. J. Harper. D. 2323 

Ocean World. L. Figuier. O. 1485 

Okavango Biver. Andersson, C. J. O. 1385 

Old Anthony's Hints. D. 2107 
Old Horseshoe ; or, Sammy's First Cent. W. M. 

Thayer. D. 2494 

Old Humphrey. Half Hours with, D. 1953 

Memoir of, D. 2024 

Selections from, D. 2113 

Old Humphrey's Country Pictures, D. 1899 

Friendly Appeals. D. 2112 

Lessons worth Learning. D. 1905 


Old Humphrey's Present in Prose. D. 1901 
Old Robin and his Proverb. Mrs. Henry F. 

Brock. D. 2391 

Old World Scenes. C. Williams. D. 2621 

Oldest of the Old World. S. M. Eckley. D. 2740 
Oliphant. L. Lord Elgin's Mission to China and 

' Japan in 1857, 1858 and 1859. O. 1373 

Olmsted, D. Introduction to Astronom\~. O. 1340 

Olmsted, F. L. Journey in the Back Country. D. 2344 

Journey in the Seaboard Slave States. D. 2177 

Journey through Texas. D. 2179 

Open Polar Sea. I. I. Hayes. O. 1466 

Optical Wonders. F. Marion. I). 2672 

Oregon and El Dorado. T. Bulfinch. 1). 2584 

OrieDtal and Sacred Scenes. F. Howe. D. 2651 

Ornithology, British. P. H. Gosse. JL>. 2011 

Orton, Jas. The Andes and the Amazon. D. 2721 

Osborn, Henry S. Palestine, Past and Present. O. 1362 

Plants of the Holy Land, with their 

Fruits and Flowers. O. 1388 

Osborn, S. Arctic Journal. D. 1931 

Otzinachson. J. F. Meginness. O. 1447 
Oudendale; a Story of Schoolboy Life. R H. 

Moncrief. D. 2554 

Our Digestion. Dio Lewis. D. 2814 

Our Farm of Four Acres. D. 2416 

Our Garden Friends and Foes. J. G. Wood. D. 2588 
Our Life in the Highlands. Queen Victoria's 

Journal. D. 2627 

Our New Home in the West. M. Clavers. D. 2810 

Our New Way Pound the World. C. C. Coffin. D. 2707 

Overall, Wm. H. Dictionary of Chronology. O. 1514 

Pacific Ocean. Life and Adventure in the South, D. 2373 

Voyage through the Islands of, D. 2056 

Voyage through the Northern, I >. 2 

Pacific Eailroad — open. S. Bowles. I). 2528 

Pacific Slope. Browne. J. R. .Resources of. O. 1523 
Paez, R. Wild S lenea in S. America; or. Life in 

the Llanos of Venezuela. D. 2 
Page, Thos. J. La Plata, the Argentine Confed- 
eration, and Paraguay. O. 1363 
Paijkall, C. W. A Summer in Iceland. O. 1479 
Paine, Caroline. Tent and Harem. 1). 2! 




















Palestine. Freese, J. R The Old World. 
Howe, F. Travels in, 

Osborn, H. S. Past and Present. 

Robinson, E. Researches during 1852. 

Rogers, M. B. Domestic Life in, 

Thomas, J. Travels in, 

Wright, T. Early Travels in, 

Palgrave, Wm. G. A Year's Journey through 

Palmer, E. H. The Desert of the Exodus. 
Paper Currency and Lending on Interest. W. 

Brown. D. 2804 

Paraguay. Page, T. J. La Plata, the Argentine 

Confederation and, O. 1363 

Parkman, F. Pioneers of France in the New 

World. O. 1454 

The Discovery of the Great West. O. 1495 

Parkyns, M. Life in Abyssinia, Yols. 1 and 2. 

D. 1964, 1965 

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Book of, D. 2445 



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Antiquities. O. 1250 
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V., 3 vols. O. 1332 
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tine during 1852. O. 1321 
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Rollo on the Atlantic. " D. 1936 

in Paris. « P. 1948 

in Switzerland. " D. 1971 

in London. " D. 1986 

on the Rhine. " D. 2013 

in Scotland. " D. 2038 

in Geneva. " D. 2195 

in Holland. « D. 2208 

in Rome. " D. 2231 

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2 vols. I). 2144 

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ing the Emancipation of the Serfs. D. 2582 

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kers, in Ireland, from 1700 to 1751. Q. 198 
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of a residence in Bussia. D. 2236 
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tise on Carbolic Acid and its Com- 
pounds. O. 1538 
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in the days of the Tyrants. D. 2635 

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2 vols. O. 1414 
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thew. Translated into Hausa. D. 2266 
Schonberg-cotta Family. E. Charles. D. 2510 
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information respecting the Indian tribes 
of the United States. Published by Act 
of Congress. Parts 4, 5, and 6, each in 
2 vols. Q. 176 
School-girl's Garland. C. M. Kirkland, 2 vols, D. 2491 


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Art, 6 vols. D. 2132 

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Science and Art. Lardner, D. Lectures on, 2 vols. O. 1387 

- Scoresby, Wm. Life by E. E. S. Jackson. D. 2366 

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— Scott, Job. Baptism of Christ. D. 1893 

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Maury, M. F. Physical Geography of the, O. 1288 

Sonrel, L. Bottom of the. " D. 2672 

Seaboard Slaves States. Olmsted, F.L. Journeyin, D. 2177 

Sea Shore. Gosse, P. H. A Year at the Shore. D. 2S08 

Wonders of. D. 2333 

Wood, J. G. Common Objects of the, D. 2281 

Seasons, the. J. Thomson. D. 2435 

Sea Star, the, D. 2078 

Seebohm, Benj. Memoirs of Stephen Grellet. 2 vols. O. 1384 

Seed. The, ' D. 2083 

Seeds and Sheaves. A. C. Thompson. D. 2661 
Seiss, Jos. A. Holy Types ; or, the Gospel in 

Leviticus. D. 2673 

Self-help. S. Smiles. D. 2309 

Self-made Men. C. C. B. Seymour. D. 2234 

Sewell, Mrs. Thy Poor Brother. D. 2549 
Sewell, Wm. G. Ordeal of Free Labor in the 

British West Indies. D. 2417 

Seymour, Chas. C. B. Self-made Men. D. 2234 

Sheep. W. Youatt. O. 1457 

Shell Worker. The, D. 2587 

Shells. Eambles after Land Shells. D. 2589 

She wen, W. Counsel to the Christian Traveller. D. 1889 

Short Studies on Great Subjects. J. A. Froude. D. 2753 
Siam. Leonowens, A. H. English Governess at 

the Siamese Court. D. 2762 
Siberia. Atkinson, T. W. Seven Years Explora- 
tions. O. 1347, 1348 

Bush, E. J. Travel in lS<;:>-7. O. 1540 

Collins, P.McD. Land Journey through, I>. 231 I 

Hill, S. S. Travels in, 2 vols. 1). lMHO 


Siberia. Kenman, G. Teat Life in, D. 2738 

Sibree, Jas. Madagascar and its People. D. 2712 

Sicilies. Sleeper, M. G. The Two Sicilies. D. 2351 

Sicily. Bartlett, W. H. Pictures from, O. 1425 
Sidney, Samuel. The Three Colonies of Australia. O. 1253 

Sierra Nevada. King, C. Mountaineering in, D. 2791 
Sign-boards. Larwood, J. and J. C. Hotten. 

History of, D. 2691 

Sigourney, L. H. Letters of Life, D. 2562 

Lucy Howard's Journal. D. 2235 

Past Meridian. D. 2183 

Western Home and other Poems. D. 1989 

Silent Waiting on God. Brook, M. Eeasons for. D. 1889 

Silesia. White, W. A Holiday in, D. 2553 

Silliman, Benj. His Life, by G. P. Fisher, 2 vols. D. 2568 

Visit to Europe in 1851, 2 vols. D. 1909 

Silliman's Journal of Science and Arts, 2d series. 

Vols. 15-44. O. 1221 

Simonds, Wm. Aimwell Stories, 6 vols. D. 2474 
Simonin, Louis. Underground Life; or, Mines 

and Miners. O. 1524 

Sinai and Zion. B. Bausman. D. 2361 

Sinding, Paul C. History of Scandinavia. D. 2407 
Six Months at the White House with A. Lincoln. 

F. B. Carpenter. D. 2577 

Six Steps to Honor. H. P. Andrews. D. 2387 

Skeletonizing Leaves. Parrish, E. D. 2438 

Sketches, Observations and Extracts. D. 2750 

Skye. Smith, A. A Summer in, D. 2565 

Sleep. W. W. Hall. D. 2714 

Sleeper, M. G. The Mediterranean Islands. D. 2564 

The Two Sicilies. D. 2351 

Small Sins no Trifles. D. 1944 

Smiles, Samuel. Brief Biographies. D. 2336 

Character. D. 2784 

Iron Workers and Tool Makers. D. 2486 

Lives of Boulton and Watt. O. 1491 

Life of George Stephenson, the Eailway 

Engineer. D. 2223 

Lives of Geo. and Eob't Stevenson. (J. 1482 

Bound the World. D. 2781 

Self-help ; with Illustrations of Character 

and Conduct. D. 2309 

The Huguenots in England and Ireland. D. 2618 


Smith, Alex. A Summer in Skye. D. 2565 
Smith, B. P. Ancient History of the East. D. 2770 
Smith, Charlotte. Conversations in Natural His- 
tory. D. 2481 
Smith, Daniel. Anecdotes for the Fireside. D. 2096 

Anecdotes for the Ladies. D. 2097 

Anecdotes for the Young D. 2095 

Anecdotes. Moral and Religious, 2 vols. 

D. 2098, 2099 

Natural History, vols. 1 to 4-6 to 12-14. 

D. 2084 to 2094 
Smith, Edmond R. The Araucanians. D. 2418 

Smith, Frederick. Autobiography of, I). 1883 

Smith, Geo. History of Delaware County, Penna. O. 1409 
Smith, Capt. John. Adventures of, D. 1935 

Smith, Jos. Catalogue of Friends' Books. 2 vols. O. 1477 
Smith, Thomas. Will Case. O. 1343 

Smith, W. L. G. China and the Chinese. 
Smith, Wm. Classical Dictionary. Abridged. 

and E. Lawrence. History of Rome. 

Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge, 17 vols. 
Smithsonian Institution. Report of the Board. 

1855, '56, '57, '58, '62, '63, '64, '67, '68. 
Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, 7 vols. 
Smyth, W. W. A Year with the Turks. 

Coal and Coal Mining. 

Snow-bound. J. G. Whittier. 

Snowden, Jas. R. Coins of the Bible and its Money 


Description of the Coins in the Cabinet at 

the U. S. Mint. 
Social Science. Carey. H. C. Principles of. Vol. 1. 
Socrates. Life of. 

Something New for my Little Friends. 
Sonora. Mowry, S. Arizona and, 
Sonrel, L. Bottom of the Sea. 
Sorgo; or, the Northern Sugar Plant. I. A. 

South. Helper, II. R. Impending Crisis of the, 
Sovereigns of the Bible. E. R. Steele. 
Spain. Abbott, J. S. C. Romance of Spanish 

Spalding, J. W. Japan, and Around the World. 
Spalding, Wm. History of English Literature. 














































Spanish-Americans. Hassaurek, F. Four Years 

among the, D. 2619 

Spectacles for Young Eyes. S.W.Lander. 7 vols. D. 2422 

Spectrum Analysis. H. E. Eoscoe. O. 152G 

H. Schellen. O. 1546 

Speer, Wm. China and the United States. O. 1522 
Speke, Jno. H. ' Discovery of the Source of the 

Nile. O. 1429, 1430 

Spencer, Herbert. Education ; Intellectual, Moral 

and Physical. D. 2370 
Spiritual Progress ; or, Instructions in the Divine 

Life of the Soul. D. 1940 

Springs of Action. C. H. B. Eichards. D. 2690 

Squier, E. G. Notes on Central America. O. 1301 

St. Augustine, Fla. Guide to Invalids. D. 2751 

St. John, H. Audubon, the Naturalist. D. 2169 

St. Paul. Knox, C. E. A Year with, D. 2495 

Life and Times, by W. J. Conybeare, J. S. 

Howson, and M. Simpson. O. 1494 

Stamboul. Hornby, Mrs. Edmund. In and around, D. 2301 
Stanley. Henry M. How 1 Found Livingstone in 

Central Africa. O. 1553 
State Churches and the Kingdom of Christ. J. 

Allen. ^ O. 1266 

Steam Engine. Bourne, J. Catechism of, D. 2827 

Steele, Eliza E, The Sovereigns of the Bible. D. 2652 

Steinmetz, Andrew. Japan and her People. D. 2364 

Sunshine and Showers; their Influence. D. 2605 

Stephenson, Geo. His Life, by S. Smiles. 

D. 2223, and O. 1482 

Stephenson, Eobt. Life of, by S. Smiles. O. 1482 

Stepping Stones. D. 2479 

Stewart, C. S. Brazil and La Plata. D. 2163 

Still, Wm. The Underground Eailroad. O. 1542 

Stomach. Mace, J. Servants of the, D. 2644 

Stone, Livingstone. Domesticated Trout. D. 2340 

Stories for Alice. D. 1937 
Stowe, C. E. Origin and History of the Books 

of the Bible. O. 1481 

Stowe, Harriet B. House and Home Papers. D. 2513 

Little Foxes. D. 2560 

Men of our Times. O. 1483 

Strait Gate. J. Abbott. D. 2034 

Strange Dwellings. J. G. Wood. D. 2812 


Strange Planet. J). 2106 
Strav Leaves from the Book of Nature. M. S. 

De Vere. D. 2021 

Streaks of Light. D. 2426 

Strickland, Agnes. Stories from History. D. 1958 

Studio. J. Abbott. D. 2031 

Stuyvesant. " D. 1911 

Sublime in Nature. F. De Lanoye. D. 2672 

Suffolk Surnames. N. I. Bowditch. O. 1381 

Suffolk, W. T. Microscopical Manipulation. D. 2726 

Sun. Gnilletaiin, A. Wonders of the. P. 2672 

Sunday Magazine, 1865-66. O. 1-455 

Sunbeam Stories. D. 2141 

Sunset Thoughts. D. 2512 
Sunshine and Showers; their Influence. A. Stein- 

metz. D. 2605 

Sunstroke. H. C. Wood, Jr. D. 2819 

Susiana. Loftus, W. K. Travels in, O. 1334 
Susquehanna River. Meginness, J. F. History 

of the West Branch Valley. 0. 1447 
Swan, Jas. G. The North-west Coast; or, Three 
Years' Residence in Washington Ter- 
ritory. D. 2420 
Swayne, Geo. C. Herodotus. D. 2719 
Sweden. Brace, C. L. " Norse-folk. D. 2193 
Swinton, Wm. Rambles among Words. D. 2263 
Switzerland. Prime, S. I. Letters from, D. 2310 

Travels in, D. 2062 

Zschokke, H. and E. History of, D. 2026 

Swiss Family Robinson. I). 2526 
Sypher, J. R. and E. A. Apgar. History of New 

Jersey. |>. 2713 

Syria. Freese, J. R. The Old World. D. 2653 

Tailor Boy. i>. 2500 

Tangier. Fort, G. Letters from, I). 2287 

Tappan, Arthur. Life of, I). 2734 

Tasmania. .Meredith. Mrs. Chas. My Home in, D. 1915 
Tate, Ralph. Land and Fresh-water fcollusks of 

Great Britain. D. 2730 

Taylor. Bayard. A Journey to Central Africa. D. 1968 

At Home and Abroad. D. l^T:; 

" " 2d Beri( D. 2398 

By-ways of Europe. D. 2664 


Taylor, Bayard. Cyclopedia of Modern Travel. O. 1327 

Japan in our Day. D. 2794 

Lands of the Saracen. D. 1974 

Life, Travels and Books of Alex. Yon Hum- 

boldt. D. 2268 

Northern Travel ; or, Pictures of Sweden, 

Denmark and Lapland. D. 2210 

Travels in Greece and Eussia. D. 2261 

Travels in South America. D. 2794 

Visit to India, China and Japan in 1853. 

D. 2018, 2020 

Taylor, Isaac. Spirit of Hebrew Poetry. O. 1399 

The Mine. D. 2052 

Taylor, J. The Farm. D. 2047 

The Forest. D. 2041 

Teeth, and how to save them. L. P. Meredith. D. 2764 

Telescope and Microscope. T. Dick. D. 2073 

Ten Acres Enough. ' D. 2489 

Tennessean Abroad. E. W. MacGavock. D. 1976 

Tent and Harem. Caroline Paine. D. 2255 

Ten Thousand Wonderful Things. E. F. King. D. 2317 

Terra Maria?. E. D. JSTeill. D. 2600 

Testimony of the Eocks. H. Miller. D. 2190 
Texas. Bartlett, J. E. Explorations and Inci- 
dents, Vol. 1 and 2. O. 1269, 1270 

— Olmsted, F. L. Journey through, D. 2179 

Thalheimer, M. E. Manual of Ancient History. O. 1547 

Thayer, W. M. The Bobbin Boy. D. 2483 

The Old Horseshoe; or, Sammy's First 

Cent. D. 2494 

The Pioneer Boy, and how he became 

President. D. 2442 

The Poor Boy and Merchant Prince. D. 2203 

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Things not generally known. D. A. Wells. D. 2196 
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on the West Coast of Africa and its Is- 
lands. D. 2312 
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phy and Mythology, 2 vols. D. 1508 

See Baldwin, T. 

Travels in Egypt and Palestine. D. 1887 


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of Scripture. D. 2661 
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G. E. Ellis. O. 1530 

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Three Months under the Snow. J. J. Porchat. D. 20-44 

Thunder and Lightning. W. De Fonvielie. D. 2672 

Thy Poor Brother. Mrs. Sewell. D. 2549 

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Timboo and Fanny. J. Abbott. D. 2036 

and Joliba!' " D. 2035 

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Stories of Inventors and Discoverers in 

Science and the Useful Arts. D. 2313 

Year Book of Facts in Science and Art. 

1870-72. D. 2710 

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Titcomb, Timothy, (pseud.) See Holland, J. G. 

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The Daughter at School. D. 2156 

Tomlinson. C. and S. Lessons from the Animal 

World, 1st series. I). 2602 

Same. 2d series. D. 2603 

Tongue, The. D. 2076 
Townsend, Eliz. W. The White Dove and other 

Poems. D. 1983 

Trades. Book of, D, 1992 
Train, Geo. Francis. An American Merchant in 

Europe, Asia and Australia. D. 2191 
Transplanted Shamrock ; or. the Way to Win an 

\n<h Heart. O. 2 
Travel. Brightwell, C. L. Eomantic Incidents 

of, D. 2411 

Travel and Adventure. M. Johnes. I >. 2286 

Traveller, The. 1>. L906 
Trees, Plants, and Flowers ; where and how they 

-row. D. 253] 
Trench, Richard C. A Select Glossary of Eng- 
lish Word.. I>. 22.-S6 

English, Past and Present. \\ 2140 



Trench, Kichard C. On the Lessons in Proverbs. D. 2180 

On the Study of Words. D. 2741 

Trimble, Isaac P. Insect Enemies of Fruit and 

Fruit Trees. Q. 201 

Triumphs of Enterprise. J. Parton. O. 1533 

Trollope, A. Commentaries of Caesar. D. 2719 

North America. D. 2408 

Trout. Stone, L. How to Breed and Grow, D. 2340 

Trowbridge, C. M. Dick and his Friend Fidus. D. 2265 

Frank and Kufus. D. 2469 

George Morton and his Sister. D. 2468 

Trowbridge, J. T. Ferry Boy and Financier. D. 2490 

Tuckerman, H. T. A Month in England. D. 1918 
Turkey. Benjamin, S. G. W. The Turk and the 

Greek. I). 2671 

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Howe, F. Travels in, D. 2651 

Smyth, W. W. A Year with the Turks. D. 2148 

Tuscany. Crawford, M. S. Life in, D. 2302 
Tuthill. L. C. Caroline Perthes, the Christian 

Wife. D. 2395 
Tweedie, Dr. The Life and Work of Earnest 

Men. D. 2466 
Twining, Eliz. The Plant World. D. 2570 
Two Homes; or, Earning and Spending. M. Les- 
lie. D. 2424 
Tyndall, John. Faraday as a Discoverer. D. 2646 

Forms of Water in Clouds, Eivers, Ice, 

and Glaciers. D. 2825 
Heat Considered as a Mode of Motion. D. 2485 

Hours of Exercise in the Alps. D. 2766 

The Glaciers of the Alps. D. 2325 

Tyrol. White, W. On Foot through, D. 2343 

Una and Her Paupers. H. W. Beecher. D. 2803 

Uncle William and his Nephews. D. 2050 

Underground Life. L. Simonin. O. 1524 

Underground Eailroad. W. Still. O. 1542 
United Netherlands. Motley, J. L. History 

from 1584 to 1609, 4 vols. O. 1380 
United States. Baldwin, T. and J. Thomas. 

Gazetteer of, O. 1251 

Blodget, L. Climatology of, O. 1352 

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Constitution, 2 vols. O. 1354 

De Gasparin, A. United States in 1861. D. 2371 

Ferris, J. A. Its Financial Economy 

Illustrated. D. 2628 


Astronomical Expedition to Southern 

Hemisphere in 1849-52. J. M. Gil- 

lis, 2 vols. Q. 187 

Census, 1850. Q. 180 

" " (Mortality Statistics.) J. 

D. B. DeBow. O. 1302 

" " (Compendium.) J. D. B. 

DeBow. O. 1287 

1860, 3 vols. Q. 197 

' ; u (Preliminary Report.) J. 

C. G. Kennedy. O. 1416 

Central American Affairs and Enlistment 

Question. O. 1317 

Coast Survey, 1860-64, 5 vols. Q. 194 

« 1852. O. 1273 

Colonial and Lake Trade, 1852. J. D. 

Andrews. O. 1225 

Colorado Eiver. J. C. Ives. Q. 195 

Commerce and Navigation, 1855. O. 1235 

" " " 1856, O. 1241 

" « 1861, O. 1303 

" " " 1863, O. 1310 

" " " 1864. O. 1331 

Commercial .Relations with Foreign Na- 

tions in 1861. Q, 196 

Commissioner, Agriculture, 1862-65. O. 1434 

Indian Affairs, 1855. O. 1313 

" Internal Reveuue, 1865. O. 1462 

Committee on Fort Pillow Massacre. \c O. 1446 

" New Orleans Eiots in 1866. O. 1471 

" Reconstruction. O. 1463 

Troubles in Kansas. 0.1316 

Condition of the Banks in the United 

States at the Commencement of 18(13. O. 1428 

Congression Globe, 1st Session, — 32nd 

Congress, 3 vols. Q, 177 

Appendix to same. Q, 17 s 

1st and 2nd Session. — 37th Congress, and 

Appendix. 5 vols. Q. 17^ 


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" 1855, 6, 1856, 7. O. 1305 

" 1861, 2, 3. O. 1412 

Foreign and Domestic Commerce, 1864. O. 14(i7 

Japan Expedition in 1852-54, under 

Commodore Perry, 3 vols. Q. 191 

Messages and Documents, 1851,2. 0.1230,1231,1232 

; ' " 1852, 3. O. 1228, 1229 

" " 1855, 8. O. 1311 

" " 1861, 2. O. 1410, 1411 

" " 1862, O. 1437 

" " 1862, 3. O. 1438, 1439 

" " 1863, 4. 0. 1440, 1441, 1442 

" 1864, 5. O. 1438, 1442 

" " 1865, 6. O. 1438 

Mineral Eesources, 1868. O. 1478 

Patent Office Reports. — 

Agriculture, 1851. O. 1227, 1306 

1852, 3. O. 1299 

1855, 6. O. 1328 

1857, 8, 9. O. 1289 

Mechanics, 1851. O. 1220, 1226 

1853. O. 1274 

1854. 5, 6. O. 1290 

1860. O. 1435 

1861, 2, 4, 5. O. 1436 

Secretary Navy on Armored Vessels. O. 1433 

Survey Montana and Adjacent Territo- 

ries. F. Y. Hayden. O. 1549 
Upham, T. C. Letters, .Esthetic, Social and 

Moral. D. 2037 

Uprising of a Great People. A. De Gasparin. D. 2371 

Vambery, A. Sketches in Central Asia. O. 1493 

Travels in Central Asia. O. 1452 

Vegetable Kingdom. J. Lindley. O. 1257 

Vegetable Life. Beauties and Wonders of, D. 2594 

Vegetables of America. F. Burr, Jr., O. 1420 

Vegetation. Marion F. Wonders of, D. 2786 

Veitch, Agnes. Woodruff. D. 2478 

Venezuela. East wick, E. B. Sketches of Life 

in a South American Eepublic. O. 1551 

Paez, E. Life in the Llanos of, D. 2433 

Venice. Adams, W. H. D. Past and Present, D. 2698 


Venice. Flagg, E. Venice from 1797 to 184!'. 

2 vols. D. 1910 
Vermont. Carpenter, W. H., and Arthur. T. S. 

History of, D. 1926 

Victoria. Howitt, W. Two Years in, 2 vols. D. 2116 

Virgil. Collins. W. L. D. 2719 

Virginia Tourist. £. A. Pollard. D. 2725 

"""Visible Marks of Christ's Church. Wm. Clark. D. 1889 

Volcanoes. D. 2071 

and Earthquakes. Zurcher and Margolle. D. 2660 

Von Humboldt, Alex. Life, Travels and Book<. 

by Bavard Taylor. D. 2268 
Von Tschudi. J. J. See Kivero, M. E. 

Walker, A. The Science of Wealth. D. 2798 
Walks and Talks. J. C. Atkinson. D. 227- 
Wall, Jas. W. Foreign Etchings: or. Outline 
Sketches of the Old World's Pleasant 
Places. D. 2200 
Wall Street to Cashmere. J. B. Ireland. O. 1367 
Wallace, E.D. A Woman's Experiences in Europe. D. 2813 
Walter's Tour in the East. D. C. Eddy, 6 vols. D. 2421 
Wanderers bv Sea and Land. S. G. Goodrich. D. 1982 
War and Peace, bv A. L. O. E. D. 2427 
Warm Hearts in Cold Eegions. C. Ede. D. 2477 
Washington, George. Life, by Washington Irv- 
ing, 5 vols. D. 2467 
Washington Territorv. Swan, J. G. Three 

Years in, * D. 2420 

Water. Tissandier, G. Wonders of, D. 27-7 

- Tyndall.J. Its forms in Clouds, Rivera, Ac. D. 2825 

Water and Land. J. Abbott. D. 2756 

Watt, Jas. His Life, bv J. P. Muirhead. D. 2249 

Life, by S. Smiles. O. 1491 

Watts, J. G. Little Lays for Little Folks. D. 2525 
Wayland, Francis. Elements of Political Economy. D. 2410 

Life andLaborsof Adoniram Judson. 2 vols. D. 2£ 

Wealth. Walker A. Science of, D. 2798 

Wear and Tear. S. W. Mitchell. D. 21 

Weaver Boy. (D. Livingstone.) H. G. Adams. D, - 

-Webb, Elizabeth. Autobiography of D. l^-> 
Webb. Maria. The Fells of Swarthmore Hall 

and their friends. I>. 2615, 2616 

The Penns and the Peningtons of the 

17th Century. I>. 2613, 2614 


Wedding day in all Ages and Countries. E. J. 

Wood. I). 2678 

Weeds and Useful Plants of America. W. Dar- 
lington. D. 2399 

Week-day Book for Boys. D. 1903 

Wells, D. A. Things not Generally Known. D. 2196 

Year Book of Agriculture for 1855 and 1856. O. 1296 

Wells, W. Y. Explorations and Adventures in 

Honduras, and a Review of Central 

America. O. 1336 

Welsh, Lewis G. Guide to Business. 1). 2785 

West. Bowles, S. Our New, O. 1499 

Clavers, M. Our New Home in the, D. 2810 

Parkman. F. Discovery of the Great. O. 1495 

Westcott, T. Life of John Fitch, the Inventor 

of the Steamboat. D. 2201 

x West Indies. Kingsley C. A Christmas in, D. 2779 

v Sewell, W. G. Free Labor in British, D. 2417 

West Virginia and its Resources. J. R. Dodge. D. 2545 
Western Home. L. H. Sigourney. D. 1989 
Westtown Boarding School. Dewees, W. His- 
tory and Catalogue. D. 2277 
What may be Learned from a Tree. H. Coultas. O. 1375 
What Shall We Eat ? D. 2636 
Wheeler, G. The Choice of a Dwelling. D. 2288 
White Dove. E. W. Townsend. D. 1983 
White, Geo. Historical Collections of Georgia. O. 1262 
White, Jas. History of France to 1848. O. 1369 

The Eighteen Christian Centuries. D. 2264 

White, Richard G. Words and their Uses, Past 

and Present. D. 2742 
White, Walter. A July Holiday in Saxony, Bo- 
hemia and Silesia. D. 2553 
— A Month in Yorkshire. D. 2342 

All Round the Wrekin. D. 2321 

Northumberland, and the Border. D. 2341 

On Foot through Tyrol in 1855. D. 2343 

Whitecar, Jr., Wm. B. Four Years Aboard the 

Whaleship. D. 2262 

Whitehead, Geo. Power of Christ Vindicated. D. 1896 

Whitehead, John, Gospel Labors of, D. 1890 

AVhittier, Jno. G. Home Ballads and Poems. D. 2348 

Snow-bound. D. 2561 

Whymper, Fred. Travels in Alaska and on the 

Yukon. O. 1489 


Wickersharn, Jas. P. Methods of Instruction. D. 2609 
Wilkinson, J. G. The Ancient Egyptians, vols. 

1 and 2. D. 1959, 1960 

Willett, W. M. Scenes in the Wilderness. D. 2043 

Williams, Chas. Old World Scenes. D. 2621 
Williams, T. and Jas. Calvert. Fiji and the Fiji- 

ans. O. 1370 
Williamson, Passmore. Case of, O. 1418 
Wilson, Daniel. Life, by J. Bateman. O. 1372 
Wilson, J. L. Western Africa : its History, Condi- 
tion and Prospects. D. 2168 
Wilson, Eobt, A. History of the Conquest of 

.Mexico. O. 1365 
Winnowed Wheat ; a Choice Collection of Prose 

and Poetry. D. 2441 

Winter Evening Tales. M. Hack. D. 1928 

Women. Penny Y. Employments of, D. 2440 

- Wonderful Escapes. F. Bernard. D. 2672 

Wonders of Science. H. Mayhew. D. 2145 
Wood, £dw. J. Wedding-day in all Ages and 

Countries. D. 2678 
Wood. Geo. B. Historical and Biographical ALetnoirs.O. 1544 

Wood, Jr., H. C. Thermic Fever, or sunstroke. D. 2819 
Wood, J. G-. Animal Traits and Characteristics. 

2nd series. D. 2355 

Bible Animals. O. 1498 

Common Objects of the Country. D. 2282 

" for the Microscope. D. 2745 

of the Sea Shore. D. 2281 

Homes Without Hands. O. 1465 

My Feathered Friends. D. 2284 

Natural History Picture Book of Birds. D. 2444 

" " u " of Mammalia. D. 2443 

" " ■•' " ofBeptiles,&c.D. 2445 

Our Garden Friends and Foes. 1). 2588 

Sketches and Anecdotes of Animal Life, 

1st series. D. 2173 

" " " « series. *D. 2176 

Strange Dwellings and Habitations of 

Animals. D. 2812 
Wood, Win. M. Fankweij or the San Jacinto in 

the Seas of Tudia. China and Japan. I). 2240 

draff. A Veitch. D. 2478 

Woodward. Geo. E. Country Hon 1>. 2700 


Woodworth, F. C. American Miscellany of En- 
tertaining Knowledge, 6 vols. D. 2017 

Wonders of the Insect World. D. 1930 

Words. Trench, E. C. The Study of, D. 2741 

White, E. G. Their Uses, Past and Present. D. 2742 

Work. M. M. Brewster. D. 1990 

World. Adams, N. Voyage Around. D. 2773 

Dulcken, H. W. World's Explorers. D. 2665 

Ewbank, T. World a Workshop. D. 1988 

Figuier, L. Before the Deluge. O. 1486 

Fontaine, E. How it was Peopled. D. 2809 

of Wonders. O. 1541 

r Prime, E. D. G. Voyage Around the. O. 1543 

Smiles, S. Bound the, D. 2781 

Wrekin. White, W. All Around the, D. 2321 

Wright, H. B. Treatise on Labor. D. 2776 

Wright, H. C. A Kiss for a Blow. D. 1977 

Wright, Thomas. Early Travels in Palestine. D. 2136 

J— History of the People called Quakers, in 

Ireland, from 1653 to 1700. Q. 198 

Marco Polo's Travels. D. 2124 

Wrong Side of the Line. J. H. Boss. D. 1962 

Year Book of Facts, 1870-72. J. Timbs. D. 2710 
Yellow- Fever. Armstrong, G. D. History of its 

Eavages in Norfolk in 1855. D. 2149 

Yellowstone. Eichardson, J. Wonders of the, D. 2794 
Yonge, C. M. Cameos from English History from 

Eollo to Edward II. D. 2643 

Landmarks of History. Part 1st, Ancient 

History to the Mahometan Conquest. D. 2654 

Landmarks of History. Part 2d, the 

Middle Ages from Charlemagne to 

Charles V. D. 2654 

Landmarks of History. Part 3d, Modern 

History from the Eeformation to Na- 
poleon II r. D. 2649 
Yorkshire. White, W. A Month in, D. 2342 
Youatt, Wm. Sheep ; their Breeds, Management 

and Diseases. O. 1457 
Youmans, Edw. L. Hand Book of Household 

Science. D. 2212 

The Culture Demanded by Modern Life. D. 2608 

Young Men's Association of Buffalo, 19th Annual 

Eeport. O. 1294 


Young Voyageurs. Mayne Beid, D. 1929 

Zambesi Eiver. Livingstone, D. and C. Expedi- 
tion in 1858-64. O. 1461 

Zoology. Agassiz, L. and A. A. Gould. Princi- 
ples of. Part 1st. 

Gosse, P. H.. 2 vols. 

Zschokke, H. and K. History of Switzerland. 

Zulu Land. Grout, L. Life in, 

Ziircher and Margolle. Meteors, iErolites, 

Storms, and Atmospheric Phenomena. 

Volcanoes and Earthquakes. 

A^4e^V«^ U YV_